RxLib News - 17th December 2001

We are currently updating the licensing system for the Rx Library. Although we are unable to provide details on this, we can answer some of the questions we have been asked over the last few weeks.

Q: Will RxLib Remain free?
A: Yes RxLib will remain completely free for anyone to download and use in there own software, whether it be commercial or freeware\shareware.

Q: Will I be able to help with the future development of RxLib?
A: Yes, we are still looking for developers of all levels of expertise to help us continue the development of RxLib. Although we wont be opening the Library for public development until late February 2002.

Q: Who will own the source code?
A: The source code will remain the property of the respective developer(s). Currently 95% of the source code is copyright of the original developers. However, any amendments you make to the project, for any official releases will become the property of SGB Software. More information will be available in the licenses.

Q: Can I make a donation towards the development?
A: We have been asked this by a number of people and the simple answer is NO. We do not want anyone's money for this project. If we continue to receive these requests we will set up some form of charitable fund.

Q: When will a new version be released?
A: We are hopeful that an official version for Delphi 6 will be released ASAP. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for some further details from the original developers, but we will keep everyone posted with regular updates.

Q: Is a version planned for Kylix?
A: Yes it would be nice to have a version for Kylix,but unfortunately until Kylix becomes more advanced, there will be problems porting some of the controls. We are however, looking into porting some of the functionality over into RxLib for Kylix.

Again we can not emphasize how important it is that you get involved in the development of RxLib. We are still looking for developers of all skill levels, translators and bug testers. For more information e-mail us at RxLib@SGBSoftware.com.

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year

Scott Blood
(Managing Director)
SGB Software

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