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    • The Value of Data-Driven Automation
      Establishing an effective IT security system is a complex undertaking made even more difficult by the threat of new and unknown cybercriminal behavior. This eBook covers the six simple steps to consider to proactively address potential threats.Learn more about:Knowing your network.Educating your employees.Using top-quality antivirus.Remembering patch management.Protecting users online.
    • Security 101 Think Like A Cybercriminal
      Establishing an effective IT security system is a complex undertaking made even more difficult by the threat of new and unknown cybercriminal behavior. This eBook covers the six simple steps to consider to proactively address potential threats.Learn more about:Knowing your network.Educating your employees.Using top-quality antivirus.Remembering patch management.Protecting users online.
    • Microsoft Officially Launches the Creators Update for Xbox One
      In addition to the Windows 10 Creators Update due on April 11 for PCs, Microsoft has been working on a big update for the Xbox One and Xbox One S as well, and today, all these improvements become available for everyone.After testing the Creators Update with help from Xbox insiders for several months, Microsoft is pushing the green light for retail users too, with improvements like the new home, multitasking and Beam integration finally up for grabs.The Creators Update doesn’t bring on Xbox
    • Выживут ли политики неприятия облаков?
      Теневые ?Т будут тянуть компании, не принимающие облачные вычисления, в облачную эру. Были …
    • Start using Facebook Stories video - CNET
      What you need to know about the latest Snapchat imitator that just popped up on your Facebook feed.
    • Yeah, you should buy Samsung Galaxy S8
      If you are in the market for a new Android smartphone, you will undoubtedly consider Samsung. After all, the company makes some of the best smartphones running Googles mobile operating system. In fact, without Samsung, it can be questioned if Android would even be as popular as it is today. Earlier today, the manufacturer officially unveiled the Galaxy S8 (and a larger "plus" variant). The world was excited for this announcement, as it is Samsungs first true flagship since the Note7fiasco.
    • IBM Security Report: 4 Billion Records Leaked in 2016, 10K New Vulnerabilities
      Cyber-criminals are getting bolder and bolder, a new report shows, indicating that the number of records breached in 2016 increased 556% compared to the previous year, hitting 4 billion. According to IBMs 2017 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, on top of the 4 billion records that ended up on the Internet last year, there were also 10,000 software vulnerabilities documented, which is the highest single-year number in the 20 years it has published its report. The report takes into account n
    • How to look like a big business - CNET
      You can buy or rent a lot of technology to help your small business appear much bigger than it really is. Keep this checklist handy.
    • Microsoft Plays with Fire, Launches New AI Chatbot Called Ruuh
      Microsoft keeps investing in AI chatbots, and after experimenting with several of them, the company comes back with another one specifically aimed at the Indian market and capable of chatting about Bollywood, music, travel, and browsing.Called Ruuh, this new AI chatbot was first launched in early February and is available on Facebook here, serving as the successor to Tay, Xiaoice, and Zo.In a statement for Zdnet, Microsoft says experimenting with chatbots is the company’s new thing, and ju
    • Daptlys smart display is a digital assistant for your home
      More and more of us are using voice operated personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, but a voice only interface can prove frustrating as it offers no visual cues. Technology startup Daptly is aiming to build a better assistant with a smart, gesture and voice controlled display that manages your life and seamlessly blends technology into your home or office. Built into a picture frame or a mirror, the Daptly Display recognizes whos in front of it and shows a personal dashboard that only displays
    • Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have a whole bunch of accessories - CNET
      Samsung showed off several new accessories at the launch of its upcoming phones, including cases and headphones.
    • Savaged By A Dead Sheep - The Roosevelt Institute Calls Me Out
      And, of course, tell us what Paul Krugman has to say about it all. I wouldnt be, I am sure, the only person interested in a report on that little conversation.
    • Samsung debuts slew of new accessories for Galaxy S8 and S8+ - CNET
      Samsungs Galaxy S8 launch was accompanied by the launch of several new accessories, including new cases, wireless charging stands and headphones.
    • How to connect August Smart Lock to Google Home - CNET
      Google Home now has support for August Smart Locks. Heres how you can use your voice to lock the front door.
    • Download Firmware 1.04 for SIGMA sd Quattro Digital Camera
      Today, SIGMA has rolled out its new 1.04 firmware package developed for the sd Quattro digital camera models, which allows saving images in DNG format and implements support for Sigma Capture Pro’s Live View Display and SFD mode.In addition to that, the current update improves by about 10-30% the AF accuracy and speed for Contemporary, Art, and Sports lenses, and resolves the freeze events encountered when the memory card stored an X3I file.Moreover, the sd Quattro unit benefits from an en
    • Are Hedge Funds The Only Active Managers?
      BlackRock de-emphasized active equity management this week. Are Hedge Fund managers providing the only truly active equity exposures?--the best are stepping forward in innovative structures with investor fee aligned approaches.
    • Forum Post: RE: bound checker issue Allocation Conflict: Attempting to call global_operator_delete_array on [address here] pointer was allocated by global_operator_new.
      Hi Rick, Thank you for the reply. Attached screen shot shows few of the examples of string modifications. In this case also i see the application conflict error by Boundschecker.
    • Crowdfunding Campaings Launched to Buy Republicans Internet Data from ISPs
      As the White House prepares to sign the bill passed by the US Congress the other day, the Internet prepares to pay back the lawmakers for taking away their privacy by allowing ISPs to sell off their personal information without as much as getting their consent. As you may have found out already, Republicans in the House of Representatives decided to give ISPs countless billions of dollars by allowing them to sell customers private data, including their browsing history, without their knowledg
    • Microsoft Disclosed UK Terrorist Info in Just 30 Minutes After London Attack
      Microsoft has said several times it’s willing to reveal information about its customers to law enforcement as long as a valid legal order is provided, and the company’s commitment to helping authorities track down criminals was reiterated last week after the London attack.The Redmond-based software giant was capable of providing investigators with access to data belonging to the Westminster Bridge attacker in less than 30 minutes, the company revealed in a statement without providing any d
    • Selfies, yes selfies, could help diagnose a rare genetic disease - CNET
      In a study that holds promise for quick and easy medical diagnoses, facial recognition software determines whos suffering from a condition thats typically hard to pinpoint.
    • China Oceanwide completes its purchase of IDG
      The sale of tech publishing pioneer International Data Group to China Oceanwide Holdings Group and China-based IDG Capital is final.The deal for China Oceanwide Holdings Group to acquire a majority stake in International Data Group was first announced in January. Tech analyst firm IDC and venture capital firm IDG Ventures are
    • Новая панорамная камера Samsung Gear 360 поддерживает 4К-видео
      Компания Samsung Electronics в рамках презентации, посвящённой выходу флагманских смартфонов Galaxy S8 и Galaxy S8+, представила новую камеру Gear 360 для панорамной съёмки. Устройство оснащено двумя 8,4-мегапиксельными КМОП-сенсорами и двумя оптическими блоками Fisheye с максимальной диафр
    • Plex Pass Perks give you money-off deals through special promotions
      For anyone looking to stream music and movies around their home to various devices, Plex is a solid media server solution that won’t hurt your pocket; its free! But things are about to get even better for Plex Pass subscribers thanks to the arrival of the Plex Pass Perks hub. Depending on where you are in the world, you might be able to bag yourself a discounted external hard drive or NAS to use with your server, and there is the promise that new deals will be added all the time. The Plex Pass
    • Cristiano Ronaldo statue was built of nightmares and bronze - CNET
      Social Cues: An airport tried to honor the soccer star with a bronze bust. Too bad its terrifying.
    • Amazon unveils Connect contact center solution
      Amazon has announced a new contact center solution aimed to "power millions of customer conversations." The solution, named Amazon Connect, is a cloud-based offering, with customers paying by the minute of usage. It all starts with the "Virtual Contact Center" solution, integrated deep within AWS. According to Amazon, it only takes a couple of minutes to set the feature up and it requires no special training to use. Payment by the minute goes on top of telephony costs, a pricing model AWS uses
    • Samsung QE65Q9F 4K TV Review: Out With The O, In With The Q?
      Samsung’s debut ?QLED’ TV keeps the LCD flag flying
    • Trojan source code leak could spur new online banking attacks
      The source code for a new Trojan program that targets banking services has been published online, offering an easy way for unskilled cybercriminals to launch potent malware attacks against users.The Trojan is called Nuclear Bot and first appeared for sale on underground cybercrime forums in early December for $2,500. It can steal and inject information from and into websites opened in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome and can also o
    • 5 things Samsungs Bixby A.I. service will do
      Could artificial intelligence make devices easier to use? According to Samsung, it sure can, and thats what it the company out to prove with its Bixby AI service.Bixby is being loaded on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, which were
    • 36% off Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Motherboard - Deal Alert
      Currently discounted 33% on Amazon the
    • Ericsson объявила о реструктуризации и новой бизнес-стратегии
      Компания сосредоточится на развитии оптимизированного портфеля решений для возвращения к прибыльности
    • Congress to US citizens: Want online privacy? Pay up!
      Tuesday’s congressional vote to repeal U.S. restrictions on broadband providers doesn’t mean that online privacy is dead. Consumers will just have to pay for it.The coming repeal, which President Trump is expected to sign into law, paves a clearer path for broadband providers to sell customers’ internet browsing history and other onlin
    • Новая статья: Обзор игрового Full HD-монитора ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q: переход на новый уровень
      Споры о необходимости увеличения частоты развёртки мониторов выше 120 Гц будут идти ещё долго, но производителей это не останавливает. Вслед за 165- и 180-Гц моделями компания ASUS запускает в продаж
    • OracleVoice: How Genomics Can Lead Doctors To Knowing Ahead Of Time
      As precision medicine moves onto the front lines of patient care, doctors need timely access to the latest clinical and genomic information.
    • Theres No Need To Change Federal Law To Offset Good Luck
      Is it a national problem that a few Americans get extremely rich through good luck? Many "progressive" thinkers believe so and one has written a book arguing that we should dramatically change the tax code to offset good luck. But wealth is not a problem for government to solve.
    • How Will Brexit Affect Your Supply Chain? [Infographic]
      In the face of Brexit uncertainty, companies can design strategies to reduce risks.
    • How To Motivate With The Oscar Effect: Interview With Tom Reilly
      The hard corner approach applies in any other businesses and life situations.
    • Galaxy S8 specs vs. S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge and S6 - CNET
      Check out how Samsungs latest Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus stack up against their predecessors.
    • Siemens и SAP создают решение для интернета вещей в энергетике
      Решение для энергетики SAP for Utilities будет интегрировано с продуктом Siemens для управления данными счетчиков. Компании Siemens и SAP SE (NYSE …
    • Корпорация Informatica – единственный MDM-вендор, расширивший возможности MDM полноценным инструментом по управлению данными.
      В конце февраля корпорация Informatica объявила о приобретении компании Diaku, и теперь полностью интегрированный продукт Informatica Axon является …
    • Google Pixel Launcher Gets New Design for Some Users
      Google introduced the new Pixel Launcher together with the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, launched last year in October. The launcher brought exciting features that would allow users to customize their home screens and search for online content in a faster way. Later on, Google made the Pixel Launcher available in the Play Store, compatible with smartphones running Android 5.0 and up. The design of the Pixel Launcher was quite different to Google’s Now Launcher, as the latter has a full-len
    • Another App Abandons Windows Phone, Users Told to Switch to Android or iOS
      If you’re a Windows phone user, you must be used to seeing apps and developers leave Windows phones, but every time this happens, it only shows that the platform is dropping and Microsoft isn’t doing anything about it.This time, it’s the turn of Zendesk to wave goodbye to Windows phones, and although this decision was originally announced in late 2016, users are now being told to switch to Android and iOS to continue running the app.Unfortunately, jumping over to Windows 10 Mobile riva
    • Google Calendar finally arrives as an iPad app
      It has been a long time coming. A very long time coming. But -- finally -- there is an iPad-optimized version of the Google Calendar app available. Let joy be unbounded! It has taken a full two years for Google developers to pull their fingers out and create a version of the app that is not designed just for iPhones. Google Calendar for iPad takes full advantage of the increased screen real estate, and supports Split View. The arrival of the iPad version of the app will come as great news for an
    • Superjob рекомендует обновить резюме профессионалам в сфере туризма и сельского хозяйства
      Superjob подготовил прогноз активности работодателей на апрель и май 2017 года и выделил сферы, в которых в ближайшее время вырастет число …
    • Microsoft Launches Bing on iMessage Because Who Uses Windows Phones Anyway
      As part of its effort to become a mobile company, Microsoft isn’t necessarily investing in Windows 10 Mobile and its devices, but in platforms where the majority of users already are, and delivering improvements actually makes sense.This is one of the reasons Microsoft keeps rolling out updates for Android and iOS, and today it’s the turn of Bing to become more widely available for iPhone users.Microsoft launches Bing as an iMessage extension, which means that Apple users who stick with
    • Art Basel 2017: Ruinarts Message In A Bottle And Jaume Plensas Artistic Message To The World
      The worlds oldest champagne house Ruinart presents its annual artisitc collaboration 2017 with famous sculpturist Jaume Plensa.
    • iOS Apps to Generate Less Revenue than Android Apps This Year
      Analytical company App Annie has recently conducted a study revealing that Android applications will outsell iOS apps for the first time ever. Apple’s iOS App Store will remain the world’s largest in terms of revenue, but Google’s Play Store and third-party Android app stores combined will generate more revenue than iOS. Apple’s iOS App Store is expected to generate $40 billion in revenue, while Google’s Play Store will bring in $21 billion. Third-party Android app stores like Amazo
    • Fast PNG Processing & Enhanced Images Processing in Multi-Threaded Environment using .NET
      Aspose team is pleased to announce the new release of Aspose.Imaging for .NET 17.3.0. The major development in this release is the improved mechanism to process JPEG, GIF, BMP, PSD, PNG and JPEG2000 images in multi-threaded environment. Synchronized access to mutually exclusive images in the multi-threaded environment is the key enhancement. This release also supports fast processing of PNG images. Support for improved LoadArgb32Pixels method
    • Just Like Facebook, The Galaxy S8 Rips Off Snapchat
      Samsungs latest flagship has powerful specs, very slim bezels, and perhaps most importantly, built-in Snapchat-inspired filters
    • Streaming makes most of the US music industrys money now - CNET
      For first time, more than half of US record sales came from streaming on services like Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube in 2016.
    • Game of Thrones season 7 teaser puts a chill in the air video - CNET
      A teaser for season 7 of HBOs fantasy hit shows Cersei, Daenerys and Jon Snow approaching the Iron Throne to the strains of 90s indie hit "Sit Down" by James.
    • Samsung’s DeX Shows Microsoft How Windows Phone’s Continuum Should Have Worked
      Microsoft launched Continuum with much fanfare in the fall of 2015, showing that its flagship Windows 10 Mobile devices, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, were capable of converting from smartphones into PCs by simply connecting to an external screen with a dedicated dock.While everything looked revolutionary at first, slowly but surely everyone learned that Continuum was kind of a limited feature, as users weren’t allowed to do basic things, like working with multiple windows side by side at the sa
    • InfoWatch продала миноритарный пакет акций РФП?
      Группа компаний (ГК) InfoWatch, российский разработчик комплексных решений для обеспечения информационной...
    • Seems Sensible - Lloyds Of London To Open Brussels Office Post-Brexit
      That is, changing the legal form of an office they already have and staff is all they need to do. Brexit just isnt that much of a threat to The City after all.
    • Microsoft PR legend Pam Edstrom dies at 71 - CNET
      Pam Edstrom spent three decades guiding communications for the tech giant.
    • Stephen Colbert snorts at scrapping of internet privacy rules - CNET
      Commentary: The late-night host compares the situation Congress hath wrought to staying at a hotel that doesnt have locked doors.
    • Google now lets you book fitness classes - CNET
      The search giant wants you to get off your butt.
    • What you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8 (The 3:59, Ep. 202) - CNET
      CNETs Samsung reporter Shara Tibken talks about the Galaxy S8, her trip to Korea and Bixby.
    • This Destroyed House Proves A Severe Thunderstorm Is Just As Dangerous As A Tornado
      Several homes in Texas were destroyed on Wednesday after strong winds in a squall line tore them to pieces. Tornadoes may get all the exposure, but run-of-the-mill severe thunderstorms can cause just as much damage—if not more—than a tornado.
    • ВТБ отдаст «Ростелекому» контроль над Tele2 из-за «геополитической напряженности»
      ВТБ рассматривает возможность передать «Ростелекому» контроль над Tele2. Сотовый бизнес надо объединять с фиксированным, считают в банке, кроме того, государству в целях безопасности необходим собственный телекоммуникационный оператор.
    • Google delays wider Android Wear 2.0 rollout because of bug - CNET
      The search giants software for wearables is already on its way to some devices, but others will have to wait.
    • Microsoft Delays Top Windows 10 Mobile Feature Announced Last October
      One of the top features announced by Microsoft at the company’s hardware event last October was the possibility of creating 3D content with a Windows phone, promising that such functionality would arrive first on Windows 10 Mobile devices with the Creators Update and then on Android and iOS at a later time.And yet, it looks like the company is not yet ready to introduce the 3D content creation app for Windows phones, so the upcoming Creators Update that will be delivered to Windows 10 Mobile
    • Before suing Uber, Waymo initiated action against former engineer
      Uber is asking a federal court that most of the claims of a lawsuit filed by rival self-driving car developer Waymo should be settled through arbitration, a process that is usually cheaper and faster than a federal lawsuit.The ride-hailing company is referring to Waymo’s own arbitration proceedings against a former engineer who later joined Uber as the basis for its argument in favor of arbitration to resolve the dispute.Waymo filed a suit las
    • Infinity Display on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Explained
      Samsung officially announced its newest flagship, the Galaxy S8, and introduced a new design to the Galaxy S line, aside from other new features and services. The main selling point of the Galaxy S8 is its Infinity Display that covers most of the front panel. The Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display, while the screen size on the Galaxy S8+ is 6.2 inches. The display covers more than 80% of the front panel and is 18% larger than the screen on the Galaxy S7, showing more conten
    • Lyfts Mono product video takes a wacky route - CNET
      It may be an early April Fools Day joke, but Lyft says the ride-hailing wearable actually works.
    • ADATA unveils Ultimate SU700 3D NAND 2.5-inch SATA SSD
      Solid state drives are absolutely fabulous, but serial ATA variants are getting a bit long in the tooth. Dont get me wrong, if you are still using an old-fashioned mechanical hard drive, any SSD should give you better performance. With that said, NVMe M.2 drives are far superior. Of course, not all computers support the faster standard, so 2.5-inch SATA models are still relevant -- for now. Today, ADATA announces a new 2.5-inch SATA SSD. Called "Ultimate SU700," it features 3D NAND and capacit
    • UK companies doing little to address cloud skills gender gap
      When it comes to cloud skills, there’s a significant gender gap, and it’s particularly visible in the UK. This is according to a new report by Microsoft, entitled "Microsoft Cloud Skills Report: Closing the Cloud Skills Chasm." According to it, the gender mix among technical IT staff is 20 percent female versus 80 percent male. In just a fifth of companies (21 percent) the gender mix was 40 percent or greater. Microsoft says this gender imbalance is "concerning," but perhaps even more concer
    • Control a smart lock with your voice: Good idea or bad idea? - CNET
      You can now control your August Smart Lock with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Is it safe?
    • The ICON Derelict: Masterpiece in metal video - Roadshow
      For just a few hundred thousand dollars, ICON will take your vintage car and make it an unusual classic.
    • Ustwos Sway app wants to put meditation in your motion - CNET
      The studio that brought you Monument Valley offers a new meditation method based as much on your movements as your mind.
    • Как приручить автотесты
      Автор: Дмитрий Мамонов, Департамент разработки,Wrike Додо сказал: — Правильность формы несущественна! А пот
    • War for the Planet of the Apes trailer delivers emotional punch - CNET
      Ape leader Caesar isnt just a stock bad guy. He has a history and a family, as the new "War for the Planet of the Apes" preview reminds us.
    • War for the Planet of the Apes releases latest trailer video - CNET
      The new War for the Planet of the Apes pits Caesar (played by Andy Serkis) against an army of humans that will decide the future of the planet. The new movie hits the big screen on July 14.
    • Вышел less 487
      29 марта вышла новая версия консольного просмотрщика текстовых файлов less 487. С момента предыдущего релиза (версии 481) прошёл год и четыре месяца.Основные отличия от less 481: новые команды ESC-{ и ESC-} для перехода к начал
    • Convenience be damned: Is smart lock voice control really secure? video - CNET
      Augusts Smart Lock works with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home, but is voice control making home security devices more vulnerable?
    • Ford boosts Canadian tech cred with BlackBerry injection - Roadshow
      The Blue Oval is making a $375 million investment north of the border to bolster its connected-car and autonomy efforts, hiring 400 former BlackBerry engineers.
    • Группа компаний InfoWatch объявляет об инвестиции со стороны Российского фонда прямых инвестиций (РФП?)
      Группа компаний (ГК) InfoWatch объявляет о продаже миноритарного пакета акций Российскому фонду прямых инвестиций (РФП?). В соответствии с договором …
    • [Блог] AV-TEST определила лучшие антивирусы для предприятий
      Немецкие тестировщики антивирусных решений из AV-Test выбрали лучшие корпоративные продукты февраля. Победителями стали …
    • Тотальный диктант в Рыбинске состоится при поддержке НПО Криста
      НПО Криста выступает партнером всемирной ежегодной образовательной акции «Тотальный диктант», которая пройдет в Рыбинске 8 апреля 2017 года. Сотрудничество предприятия и образовательного проекта длится уже второй год. Тотальный диктант состоится в Рыбинске в третий раз. В
    • Windows 10 Mobile Gets Closer to RS2 RTM with Build 15063.2 for the Slow Ring
      Microsoft has released Windows 10 Mobile build 15063.2 for insiders in the Slow ring, as the company advances towards the release of the Creators Update for smartphones too.Windows 10 Mobile build 15063.2 was released for insiders only a couple of days ago and the only thing it brought was a fix improving the upgrade experience from the Anniversary Update to the Creators Update, confirming that Microsoft is indeed giving the final touches to the new OS release ahead of the public release.“
    • 3DNews Daily: анонс Samsung Galaxy S8 и дата выхода Windows 10 Creators Update
      В этом выпуске: анонс Samsung Galaxy S8 и дата выхода Windows 10 Creators Update
    • Автомобили Ford Ranger, Jeep Grand Cherokee и Liberty отозваны в России из-за проблем безопасности
      Компании Ford и FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) объявили о новых программах отзыва автомобилей в России, о чём сообщает Федеральное агентство по техническому регулированию и метрологии (Росстандарт). Ford выявила проблему у пикапов Ranger с кабиной, оборудованной двумя рядами сидений. Пр
    • Volkswagen settles diesel claims in 10 states for $157M - Roadshow
      Were one step closer to never having to hear about Dieselgate again.
    • Italian cops get a second Lamborghini Huracan (yes, a second one) - Roadshow
      Italian cops get the best toys.
    • Farsighted looks into wiring our brains, welcomes Spider-Man - CNET
      Elon Musk is working on a way for us to interact directly with our data, and the "Farsighted" show crew dreams of electric sheep. Also, superhero trailers are beating TV.
    • 3 ways to pin apps to a Chromebooks app shelf - CNET
      Help the app shelf help you.
    • Опубликованы исходные тексты UNIX версий 8, 9 и 10.
      На сайте сообщества The Unix Heritage Society опубликованы исходные тексты UNIX последних версий, а именно 8, 9 и 10. Об этом сообщил Роб Пайк Twittere. unix
    • Iaitō — графический интерфейс для radare2
      Hugo Teso выложил под лицензией LGPLv3 (как и у radare2) на GitHub первую версию Iaitō графического интерфейса для radare2, написанного на C++ с использованием графического тулкита Qt 5.3.radare2 это свободный кроссплатформенный фреймворк для реверс-инжиниринга, включающий д
    • В OpenToonz появилась поддержка кистей из MyPaint
      Команда проекта Моревна опубликовала сборки OpenToonz с возможностью рисовать кистями из MyPaint.OpenToonz это свободная программа для создания анимации, основанная на проприетарном продукте Toonz итальянской компании DigitalVideo. Код программы
    • Very real April Fools Day Comet will zoom by Earth - CNET
      No jokes and no kidding. An April Fools comet is scheduled to fly by our planet, and space fans are looking forward to the view.
    • Is your BI AI ready?
      Digital transformation is happening at a rapid rate, and in order to stay competitive, organizations need to push the limits of their traditional BI and analytics frameworks with predictive and prescriptive capabilities to generate faster and more accurate business outcomes. Gartner predicts that by 2020, predictive and prescriptive analytics will attract 40 percent of enterprises net new investment in business intelligence and analytics. Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tools and analytic
    • Game of Thrones season 7 teaser takes long walk to the throne - CNET
      In a new teaser for season 7 of the HBO hit, Jon Snow, Cersei and Daenerys stride toward the Iron Throne to the tune of a 90s hit.
    • Разработчики Chrome намерены ограничить всплывающие диалоги на JavaScript
      Разработчики web-браузера Chrome рассматривают возможность ограничения диалогов, реализуемых средствами JavaScript и блокирующих просмотр контента. В основной массе подобные диалоги применяются для навязывания каких-то действий и вызывают значительное недовольство среди посе
    • Facebook now lets you ask friends for fundraising money - CNET
      A new tool lets you solicit funds for things like tuition or emergency expenses.
    • Обновлённый шлем Gear VR получил контроллер и улучшенное VR-окружение
      Хотя основное внимание в области виртуальной реальности привлекают шлемы Oculus Rift и HTC Vive, мобильные решения способны охватить гораздо большую аудиторию. В конце концов, достаточно иметь мощный смартфон, что далеко не редкость, и прикупить к нему сравнительно дешёвый VR-
    • The 2017 Volkswagen Tiguans tech is not bad for a base model video - Roadshow
      VWs Tiguan doesnt offer much in the way of options, so its a good thing that the base level tech is actually pretty good. Heres what you get when you check no boxes on a new 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan.
    • Обновление Chrome 57.0.2987.133 с устранением критической уязвимости
      Доступно обновление браузера Chrome 57.0.2987.133, в котором устранена порция уязвимостей. Четыре проблемы помечены как опасные, а одной присвоен статус критической уязвимости (CVE-2017-5055), позволяющей обойти все уровни защиты браузера и выполнить код в системе, за пределами sandbox-окру
    • Is the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan old-school or just plain old? video - Roadshow
      VWs first-gen Tiguan escapes the chopping block and will be sold alongside its replacement for a while longer, but how does this aging SUV stack up against more modern competition?
    • Google is pushing developers to embrace the Galaxy S8s 18.5:9 aspect ratio
      There has been something of a trend in recent years for phones to grow taller and slimmer. Aspect ratios are changing, and the familiar 16:9 is being met by the LG G6s 18:9 (oh, ok, 2:1) and, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8, 18.5:9. Google sees these emerging aspect ratios as the start of a trend rather than obscure rarities, and its encouraging developers to embrace them fully. The new "super widescreen" aspect ratios are being used, according to Google, "to deliver more engaging viewing e
    • Microsoft Launches Its Windows 10 PC and Laptop in New Markets
      Microsoft recently announced that both the Surface Studio and the Surface Book would be launched in more markets across the world, dropping another hint that a spring release of a second-generation laptop is indeed unlikely.The Surface Studio all-in-one PC can already be pre-ordered in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, with shipments to begin on April 20 in all these markets.What’s surprising, however, is that the Surface Studio isn’t yet launched in Europe, though there are signs that
    • Batgirl film from Joss Whedon reportedly in the works - CNET
      Who needs another solo Batman film when Batgirls reportedly on the horizon?
    • Флагманский смартфон HTC U получит рамку Edge Sense
      Сетевые источники сообщают, что компания HTC представит флагманский смартфон с кодовым именем Ocean в середине или в конце следующего месяца. Сообщается, что на рынок новинка выйдет под именем HTC U. Она получит операционную систему Android 7.1 Nougat с фирменной надстройкой Sense 9.
    • How to Easily Bind VueJS to a Typescript or ES6 Class
      How to easily bind VueJS to a Typescript or ES6 class
    • Logitech Harmony works with Google Home
      When I first set up a Logitech Harmony hub in my home, it was life-changing. No longer did I need to have multiple remote controls littering my living room table. The one Harmony remote (or mobile app) controls my television, cable box, sound bar, and Xbox One. Once I linked it with my Amazon Echo, things got even better -- I could control my entertainment devices by voice. If I am dozing off on the couch while watching TV, for instance, and the remote is out of reach, I can simply say "Alexa, t
    • FocusOn is a likeable image viewer
      FocusOn Image Viewer is a stylish and straightforward image viewer, easy to use but with one or two unexpected bonus features. This all starts with the interface. There are no stupid gimmicks, no attempts to do things differently for no reason at all. Instead FocusOn Image Viewer starts with the look and feel of Explorer, and adds just a little more. There’s an Explorer-like folder tree on the left, for instance, thumbnails on the right, double-clicking something opens it full-screen, right-cl
    • [Блог] ЦБ РФ предлагает создать реестр добросовестных автоюристов
      Вопросов, так или иначе связанных с обязательным страхованием гражданской ответственности владельцев транспортных …
    • Secure messaging app Telegram gains end-to-end encrypted voice calls
      In an age of constant surveillance and eroding privacy, there is increasing interest in secure messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram. While Telegram has gained quite a following, there is one feature that users have been begging for: voice calls. Now users prayers have been answered. The latest update to Telegram finally heralds the arrival of secure voice calling, and it features an interesting key exchange mechanism: users need just compare four emoji. If the emoji match, the conne
    • Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Build 15063 (RTM) ISO
      Windows 10 build 15063 is said to be the RTM version of the Creators Update launching on April 11, and with this particular build now available for insiders in the Slow ring, it makes sense for Microsoft to publish new ISO images as well.So today, the company officially rolled out Windows 10 build 15063 ISOs, allowing insiders to start from scratch and perform a clean install that brings them straight to the RTM version of the new Creators Update.These ISOs are particularly useful for inside
    • Китайской телекоммуникационной компании ZTE больше нет в чёрном списке США
      Министерство торговли США объявило о решении исключить ZTE Corp из торгового чёрного списка после того, как компания признала себя виновной в нарушении санкций против ?рана и согласилась выплатить почти $900 млн штрафа. REUTERS / Bobby Yip
    • NBN sends in field team to assess Cyclone Debbie impact
      NBN has despatched a field team to areas in Queensland affected by Cyclone Debby in order to assess damage to National Broadband Network infrastructure.
    • Twitter tweaks replies to give you more characters and greater clarity
      Recent changes at Twitter have focused mainly on clamping down on abuse and trolling, but there have also been adjustment tweaks that allow users to send longer messages. Now the site is introducing another change that effectively means you are able to send longer replies to people. The latest change does not mean that you are given more than 140 characters to play with, but the 140 character limit is now put to better use. In short, all 140 characters are available for you to reply with as @use
    • UMIDIGI анонсировала недорогой смартфон С NOTE
      КомпанияUMIDIGI презентовала свою очередную новинкусмартфон СNOTE, о котором в последнее время ходили самые разнообразные слухи. Ряд источников утверждал, что модельUMIDIGIСNOTE получитбезрамочныйдизайн в стиле Xiaomi Mi Mix. Первоначально
    • Samsung Expects the Galaxy S8 to Surpass Galaxy S7’s Sale Record
      The new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are of great importance for the South Korean smartphone maker, especially after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco of last year, which resulted in major financial loss and a severely affected brand image. However, Samsung is confident that the Galaxy S8 will help improve the company’s image and make customers forget about the whole Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Samsung’s Mobile Chief, Koh Dong-jin has stated in a recent report that the new Galaxy S8 flagship will beat sales
    • Раскрыты подробности о root-уязвимости в ядре Linux, атакованной на Pwn2Own
      Опубликованы сведения о 0-day уязвимости в ядре Linux (CVE-2017-7184), которая была использована на соревновании Pwn2Own 2017 для демонстрации атаки на Ubuntu Linux, позволившей локальному пользователю выполнить код с правами root.
    • Collaboras Devs Make Androids HWC API Work in Mainline Linux Graphics Stack
      Collaboras Mark Filion informs Softpedia today about the latest work done by various Collabora developers in collaboration with Googles ChromeOS team to enable mainline graphics on Android.The latest blog post published by Collaboras Robert Foss reveals the fact that the two teams managed to develop a shim called drm_hwcomposer, which should enable Androids HWC (Hardware Composer) API to communicate with the graphics hardware, including Android 7.0s version 2 HWC API.Androids SurfaceFlinger,
    • Кулер ID Cooling SE-903-R совместим с Ryzen
      Платформа AM4 вышла у AMD на редкость удачной. С охлаждением у новой платформы тоже полный порядок: большинство ведущих производителей кулеров уже обновили свои продукты и предлагают владельцам старых моделей специальные адаптеры или крепления. Но выпускаются и новинк
    • В США за 15 месяцев зарегистрировались 770 тысяч владельцев дронов
      Федеральное управление гражданской авиации США (FAA) сообщило, что количество зарегистрированных владельцев дронов в стране превысило 770 тысяч человек. Любопытно, что всего 3 месяца назад руководитель управления Майкл Хуэрта (Michael Huerta) на выставке CES 2017 в Лас-Вегасе озву
    • Apple’s New 9.7-Inch iPad Is Almost Identical to iPad Air, Teardown Shows
      Last week, Apple added exciting new products to its lineup with the release of red color variants for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and doubling internal storage on iPhone SE to 128GB. The Cupertino company also introduced a new 9.7-inch iPad to replace the iPad Air 2.The new 9.7-inch budget iPad is somewhat similar to the original iPad Air, with the exception of some upgrades, according to a recent teardown by iFixit. The report reveals that the new iPad has the same screen as the Air, and
    • Millions of websites affected by unpatched flaw in Microsoft IIS 6 web server
      A proof-of-concept exploit has been published for an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0, a version of the web server thats no longer supported but still widely used.The exploit allows attackers to execute malicious code on Windows servers running IIS 6.0 with the privileges of the user running the application. Extended support for this version of IIS ended in July 2015 along with support for its parent product, Windo
    • Theres also a Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Microsoft Edition available to pre-order
      Yesterdays Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ announcement held few surprises (with the possible exception of Samsung DeX) thanks to all of the leaks ahead of the event. But something we didn’t find out until today is that there is a customized Microsoft Edition of the handset available too. Not only will there be a Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition and a Samsung Galaxy S8+ Microsoft Edition, but the smartphones will be available to buy direct from Microsoft. Pre-orders start today, but only in Micro
    • BrandPost: How Services Can Become the Cornerstone of a Great Place to Work
      It used to be that employee benefits were considered a “nice to have,” a little “something extra” that helped businesses stand out from the crowd.Needless to say, times have changed.Today workplace benefits are viewed as an essential investment. Organizations with top-notch benefits foster a better, more efficient workforce, and they’re able to attract better hires and reduce turnover. Consider:79% of employers bel
    • Открытые лицензии глазами корпоративного юриста
      Kyle E. Mitchell, юрист специализирующийся на коммерческом праве, опубликовал заслуживающую внимания таблицу, отражающую типичное представление бизнеса о различных открытых лицензиях.
    • Updating Database from DataGridView using a class Two-Tier Architecture
      By reading this trick you will be able to Update your database from DataGridView through external class instead of writing code on each page.
    • Four best practices for leveraging Office 365 Groups
      It’s no secret that cloud-based collaboration tools are transforming the way we work, and Microsoft, with Office 365, is playing a major role in shifting workplace communication. Last year, Microsoft continued to enhance and develop Office 365 Groups as a powerful hub for team productivity. When armed with Office 365 Groups, employees have the opportunity to collaborate within a dedicated space with popular Office 365 features like mail, persistent chat, and collaboration powered by familiar t
    • Adobe "Deep Photo Style Transfer" Tech Is and Works Exactly What It Sounds Like
      Folks over at Adobe teamed up with researchers at Cornell University and have come up with what is perhaps one of the coolest developments in image tech - being able to transfer photo styles from one picture to another. Sure, there are several other tools out there that can apply, lets say Van Goghs style on your photos. But instead of just applying pre-determined settings over a photo, this project can mimic the colors and lighting in a photo from a reference image. Say you have a nice pi
    • Facebook introduces personal fundraisers so you can raise money for yourself
      If you need money for something, you might think about using a service such as GoFundMe to ask people to donate cash to you. But now you can turn to Facebook instead, as the social network launches a new "personal fundraiser" feature, as well as Donate buttons in Facebook Live for Pages. As the name suggests, a personal fundraiser is a way for individuals to raise money for themselves -- or someone they know. To start with, Facebook says that it is only possible to raise money for "critical fina
    • Teradata представила комплекс услуг обработки и анализа данных по модели SAAS
      Корпорация Teradata представила Teradata IntelliCloud, защищенный, управляемый облачный сервис, позволяющий …
    • NBN fixed wireless to get a speed boost to 100Mbps
      NBN will offer a 100 / 40 megabits per second wholesale service on its fixed wireless network from early 2018.
    • Heres how Microsoft is helping companies build IoT hardware
      One of the biggest challenges with building connected hardware is getting from proof-of-concept (PoC) prototypes to devices that are ready for large-scale production rollout. Microsoft is aiming to help through labs that allow companies to come in and work with experts on building internet-connected hardware.Companies come into one of three Microsoft Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (IoT / AI) Insider Labs with the hardware they’ve built
    • Fujifilm Instax mini 9: камера моментальной печати с зеркальцем для селфи-съёмки
      Компания Fujifilm представила новую фотокамеру моментальной печати модель Instax mini 9, которая поступит в продажу уже в апреле. Дизайн и простоту использования камера переняла у фотоаппарата Instax mini 8. Новинка оснащена небольшим зеркальцем, упрощающим получение селфи-ка
    • This company is turning FAQs into Alexa skills
      People looking for an easier path to integrating with Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant have good news on the horizon. NoHold, a company that builds services for making bots, unveiled a project that seeks to turn a document into an Alexa skill.It’s designed for situations like Airbnb hosts who want to give guests a virtual assistant that can answer questions about the home they’re renting, or companies that want a talking employee handbook. Bot-bu
    • Как увеличить продуктивность и удовлетворенность сотрудников?
      Plantronics совместно с международной консалтинговой компанией Oxford Economics провела глобальное исследование влияния …
    • New Ubuntu Kernel Update Patches a Single Vulnerability Affecting All Versions
      A few hours ago, Canonical published several Ubuntu security notices to inform users about the availability of new Linux kernel versions for all supported Ubuntu releases.The latest update is small but important, and appears to fix a recent security issue that could allow a local attacker to crash the vulnerable system or run programs as an administrator (root). Affected Ubuntu releases include Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and Ubuntu 16.10."It was discovered that the
    • Биржевые заявки на опционы Liquid.pro теперь записываются в блокчейн Waves
      Cервис внебиржевой торговли Liquid.pro организовал перевод реестра заявок по опционам, поступающих на Московскую биржу …
    • «Галактика» подготовила портфель решений для цифровой трансформации «Галактика CPM»
      Корпорация «Галактика», российский разработчик бизнес-систем, вывела на корпоративный рынок линейку продуктов нового …
    • Google Advises Android Developers to Optimize Apps for 18:5:9 Aspect Ratio
      A new trend emerged in the smartphone market, with the recent launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and LG’s G6. The G6 comes with 18:9 aspect ratio, while Samsung’s newest flagships feature 18:5:9 aspect ratio, showing more content on their Infinity Displays. Samsung’s premium phones offer increased screen size, smaller bezels and a relatively compact overall size for a phone, to make it easy for users to navigate and swipe on the screen using only one hand.However, taller and w
    • IDG Contributor Network: Harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion for innovation
      When it comes to the topic of diversity and inclusion (DI) in the workforce, there is no lack of conversation.And this is a good thing, because despite the best intentions of many corporations to create a diverse and inclusive workforce, the numbers tell a different story.  As an example, a recent PBS report on diversity at leading
    • Qt Creator 4.3 Enters Beta, Integrates a QML Code Editor into Qt Quick Designer
      The Qt Company, through Eike Ziller, announced today the availability of the Beta release of the upcoming Qt Creator 4.3 open-source and cross-platform IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Qt application developers.Qt Creator 4.3 promises to be a major release adding some very exciting changes, starting with the integration of a QML code editor into the Qt Quick Designer component to allow developers to use the Properties editor or the Navigator views, among many others, also for text-
    • 500 Posts!
      Im closing in on 500 posts over the last 10 years, I know it isnt much but considering I dont actually post that much its rather remarkable. Ive also had well over 1 million views! So stay tuned because if you like to read my blog, I have some plans will bring even more of my ramblings to your screen.
    • A Quick & Dirty Extension Method to Get the Full Exception Stack, Including Inner Exceptions
      While exception messages are often clear enough, many times the sole error is "An error occurred while updating the entries. See the inner exception for details."
    • iPhones to Be Sold in Argentina Could Cost Double the Price in the US
      Over the past few years, Apple refrained from selling iPhones in Argentina, because of regulatory hurdles for device imports. Back in 2009, the Argentinian President at the time put in place a number of regulations that prevented companies like Apple from selling products in the country. The regulation affected all major companies and required tech giants to assemble devices in Argentina if they wished to sell them in the country. Some companies, including Samsung, abided by the rules and set
    • Avidemux 2.6.19 Open-Source Video Editor Improves HEVC and 10Bit Support, More
      The developers of the Avidemux open-source video editor software for GNU / Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows operating systems announced the availability of Avidemux 2.6.19, a new maintenance update that adds various improvements.If youre wondering, there was no Avidemux 2.6.18 update released, and it looks like Avidemux 2.6.19 comes almost three months after the small 2.6.17 bugfix update that only allowed E-AC3 for MP4 / MP4v2 streams and fixed a handful of bugs for the Preview component.Avi
    • Fujifilm’s New X-T2 Digital Camera Gets New Firmware - Version 2.00
      Fujifilm has made available a new firmware package targeted at one of its digital camera models, namely version 2.00 compatible with the X-T2, which gives the unit the ability to use RAW format when shooting in AE Bracketing, other Bracketing modes, and Advanced Filter modes.In addition to that, the release adds ISO 125 and 160 selectable levels, allows programmable long exposures of up to 15 minutes, improves Face Detection AF feature, and gives owners the ability to use the Eye Sensor during
    • Trump extends Obama executive order on cyberattacks
      U.S. President Donald Trump is extending by one year special powers introduced by former President Barack Obama that allow the government to issue sanctions against people and organizations engaged in significant cyberattacks and cybercrime against the U.S.Executive Order 13694 was introduced on April 1, 2015, and was due to expire on Saturday, but the pre
    • Ultimate Ears announces waterproof WONDERBOOM Bluetooth speaker
      We are officially in the season of spring, meaning summer is right around the corner. Before you know it, it will be time to barbecue some meat, frolic on the beach, and go swimming in the pool. Quite frankly, summer is probably my favorite of the four seasons thanks to all of the possible activities. A big part of summer fun is listening to your favorite music. Yeah, you can use your smartphones integrated speaker, but that is hardly an enjoyable experience -- especially outdoors. For better c
    • NTFS-3G Driver Now Enables Read-Only Mount Fallback for Hibernating NTFS Drives
      The NTFS-3G open-source driver that lets Linux, macOS, OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, QNX, and other UNIX-like operating systems access storage drives formatted with the NTFS file system was updated recently with many changes.The NTFS-3G project gets a new stable update once a year, around the end of March, and this years release adds a bunch of goodies, such as the ability to allow kernel caching by lowntfs-3g when Posix ACLs arent used, as well as to enable read-only mount fallback when the drive ent
    • Xero hits the 1 million mark
      Xero now has more than 1 million subscribers to its accounting software-as-a-service offering, the ASX-listed company announced this morning.
    • Samsung Offers Lots of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Pre-Order Bonuses
      Samsung already started pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, and announced bonuses that customers would receive when they get the new smartphone. The South Korean company is offering goodies, just like it provided for last year’s flagships. Samsung will be offering lots of bonuses to customers who pre-order the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ starting March 30 and until April 20. The company is offering a Gear VR headset with Controller for free and some Oculus content as a bonus.Customer
    • Discover and create appealing color schemes with Just Color Picker
      Just Color Picker is a freeware Windows and Mac design tool which helps you capture eye-catching shades and create appealing color combinations. If you’ve ever used another color picker you’ll know the basics already. Moving the mouse cursor around your screen displays a magnified view of that point, pressing Alt+X saves the currently selected pixel color to a list, and you can copy it to the clipboard for reuse in other apps. What’s interesting here is this program isn’t "just" a color
    • Samsung Marks Galaxy S8 Debut in New York City’s Time Square
      Samsung announced its newest flagships, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, during the Unpacked 2017 event yesterday, but the company also prepared a surprise for people in New York City. Samsung set up a number of immersive displays right in Time Square. The displays illuminated the whole Time Square and provided passers-by with a show marking the arrival of the company’s newest flagship device. In addition, a troupe of performers danced in celebration and the show was filmed from above and broadcast on
    • New Cerber Ransomware Variant Dodges Machine Learning
      As if ransomware werent bad enough, theres a new Cerber variant out there that can now evade machine learning. According to researchers from security firm Trend Micro, this new variant has been broken into separate components that look harmless on their own in order to fool machine learning-based detection systems. Every new variant of malware brings something extra to the table, a new way to avoid detection, a new capability, and so on. In fact, if it werent for their nefarious purposes,
    • Dutch Parliament Website Hit by Ransomware Attack
      In what seems to be a continuation of the row between the Netherlands and Turkey, the Dutch parliaments website was hit by a ransomware attack on Tuesday. According to local publication NL Times, hackers targeted the lower house of the parliament, the Tweede Kamer. Hackers managed to encrypt some files before being stopped. While the parliament spokesperson decided to not reveal anything about the attack, a Dutch parliamentarian tweeted about ransomware hitting the government computer syst
    • Advanced Data Export VCL version 4.14 released
      Support for 64-bit Windows target platform, improved processing of BLOB type fields and much more...
    • 12+ reasons you’ll want to be at WWDC 2017
      Here are 12 reasons why we’ll all want to know what happens at this year’s Apple developer’s event. Caution: Apple-guessing is inexact. Not everything will happen -- there isn’t even time for it all in one keynote.Do you know the way to San Jose?Apple opened its lottery for WWDC 2017 tickets this week. We know the event is moving back to its original ho
    • Banking Malware Source Code Leaked by Author to Gain Credibility Among Hackers
      The source code for a new Trojan called Nuclear Bot has been leaked online, which may spark a rise in attacks against banking services. As it happens almost every time the source code for a malicious program lands online, it is quite likely to see more unskilled cybercriminals launching malware attacks against users. Nuclear Bot first landed on the dark web for sale back in December, for a mere $2,500. The malware can steal and inject information from and into websites opened in Firefox, I
    • Why I will not upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S8
      Samsung just unveiled what are likely the best Android smartphones of the year -- the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. They have novel displays, impressive cameras, the fastest hardware, superb build quality, and cutting edge software. If youre looking to get one of the new flagships, you can pull the trigger right now because, chances are, youll be super happy with it... ...except if you have a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge, that is. As attractive as the new flagships are, and as much as I like hav
    • Open-source developers targeted in sophisticated malware attack
      For the past few months, developers who publish their code on GitHub have been targeted in an attack campaign that uses a little-known but potent cyberespionage malware.The attacks started in January and consisted of malicious emails specifically crafted to attract the attention of developers, such as requests for help with development projects and offers of payment for custom programming jobs.The emails had .gz attachments that contained Word d
    • [Блог] ROSS2017: проблемы и перспективы Open Source в России
      Меньше месяца осталось до начала Russian Open Source Summit 2017 — крупнейшей российской конференции, посвящённой Open …
    • Security professionals still struggle with the cloud and IoT
      Organizations are using multiple cloud services and security staff are worried about the visibility problems this presents as well as the risks presented by IoT devices. These are the findings of a survey of RSA attendees, carried out by security management and threat intelligence specialist AlienVault. A third of respondents to the survey describe the state of security monitoring within their organization as complex and chaotic. More than 10 different cloud services are used within their organi
    • StyleControls VCL v.3.68
      StyleControls VCL is a powerfull package of components, which uses Classic drawing, system Themes, GDI+ and VCL Styles. This package contains the unique solutions to extend standard VCL controls and also has many unique, advanced controls to create Windows 10 Modern UI Applications (UWP design). Also with this package you can really improve applying and using of VCL Styles in your application.Features: * set of controls to create Windows 10 Modern UI Applications (UWP design) * support of class
    • SpaceX to launch a used rocket for the first time
      We travel in used cars and used airplanes, so why not used rockets?Even though no people are going be in it, SpaceX, for the first time, is about to launch a rocket that has been used on a previous flight. But how did it accomplish this, and what is the companys eventually goal for reusing rockets?In IT Blogwatch, we are ready for blast off.So what is going on? William Harwood
    • NTPsec: a Secure, Hardened NTP Implementation
    • VMware patches critical virtual machine escape flaws
      VMware has released critical security patches for vulnerabilities demonstrated during the recent Pwn2Own hacking contest that could be exploited to escape from the isolation of virtual machines.The patches fix four vulnerabilities that affect VMware ESXi, VMware Workstation Pro and Player and VMware Fusion.Two of the vulnerabilities, tracked as CVE-2017-4902 and CVE-201
    • Windows 10 Creators Update выйдет 11 апреля, но энтузиасты уже могут скачать обновление
      Microsoft объявила дату выхода Windows 10 Creators Update — третьего и самого крупного обновления …
    • IBM запустила облачные инструменты для разработки финансовых сервисов
      IBM запустила платформу IBM Cloud for Financial Services, которая предлагает необходимые структурные элементы для …
    • ВТБ24 открывает первые офисы без касс
      ВТБ24 открыл первые офисы без кассы. Офисы нового формата уже начали работу в Москве, Санкт-Петербурге и Новосибирске …
    • VS 2017 Settings
      How to change VS2017 settings
    • Facebook Planning to Launch Messenger Group Chatbots
      Facebook is allegedly planning to reveal a new class of bots for Messenger to serve group chats. TechCrunch reports that the big announcement will be made at the F8 conference and that the group bots are built to keep users informed about real-time news such as sports scores, e-commerce deliveries and more. While Facebook cannot officially comment on the topic, TechCrunch cites three anonymous sources familiar with the development process. The social media giant is said to already be worki
    • Honeywell представила новую систему автоматизации управления изменениями для промышленных предприятий
      Подразделение «Промышленная автоматизация» компании Honeywell объявило о выводе на рынок мощного программного …
    • Новая статья: Экран со встроенным телефоном. Первые впечатления от Samsung Galaxy S8
      Samsung Galaxy S8 и Galaxy S8+ представлены официально и стали самыми желанными смартфонами в этом году. Огромный экран с загнутыми краями, защищенный корпус, мощнейшая платформа – все это в наличии. Чем е
    • Calls for transparency as UK government meets technology firms to discuss encryption and privacy
      The UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd is today meeting with technology firms to discuss how they can help to combat terrorism. The meeting comes just days after Rudd said that encrypted messaging services such as WhatsApp should not be a "secret place to hide." Calls for backdoors to be built into encrypted apps and services have been met with shock, derision and incredulity, but some have pointed out that the controversial Investigatory Powers Act (aka the snoopers charter) already grants the govern
    • ESET представила новую версию ESET Remote Administrator
      ESET представила новую версию ESET Remote Administrator — веб-консоли для централизованного управления безопасностью в …
    • Lawmakers sacrificed your browsing history? Post theirs online - CNET
      An activist is pissed about Congress efforts to roll back internet privacy rules. And hes got a sly plan for revenge.
    • Cubano sandwiches and life as a video game are YouTube hits - CNET
      Also topping the charts this week is a video that answers that pressing question: Which is more dangerous, a wood splinter or a glass one?
    • Galaxy S8 Plus specs vs. LG G6, Google Pixel XL, iPhone 7 Plus, OnePlus 3T - CNET
      See how Samsungs newest (and largest) phone compares to the competition.
    • Samsung Galaxy S8: Everything Samsung announced (updated) - CNET
      Samsung just unveiled two new phones and a slew of accessories. Heres everything we know.
    • Sanbot is the Jill of all trades
      Need a teacher, airport guide, care taker, and customs control officer all in one? Sanbot has you covered. Standing at just under 3 feet tall with big cartoon eyes and flipper arms, Sanbot looks more helpless than helpful, but dont let that cute appearance fool you. Sanbot is packed with features to help "her" get the job done.First off...sensors. Sanbot has 14 of them scattered throughout its three foot frame. Many of these are touch sensitive, allow
    • Extreme swallows Brocades data center networking business for $55M
      Extreme Networks continued to amass a nice nest of data center technology saying today it would buy Brocades data center networking business will be sold to Extreme for $55 million in cash from its current owner Broadcom.Broadcom bought Brocade last year for about $5.5 billion but has since sold off Brocade’s Ruckus Wireless Wi-Fi business for $800 million to
    • Drag & Drop Rows Between Grids
      How to drag and drop rows between grids
    • Will VPNs protect your privacy? Its complicated - CNET
      After US lawmakers voted to end online privacy rules, people are looking for ways to hide their browsing histories.
    • LG подала в суд на американского производителя смартфонов BLU
      Компания LG Electronics подала в суд на производителя смартфонов BLU из Майами (штат Флорида) в связи с предполагаемым нарушением патентных прав. В иске южнокорейской компании содержатся обвинения BLU в нарушении пяти патентов, касающихся технологий LTE. Несмотря на то, что в пр
    • Heres how much the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will cost you - CNET
      Now that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has finally been announced, how much does it cost?
    • Ecuadors Economic Performance Isnt Quite What Correa Boosters Think It Is
      Thats not exactly a stirring argument in favour of his policies, is it? And maybe heterodox economic policies are not all theyre cracked up to be?
    • 23 NFL Football Cartoons That Push It Over The Goal Line
    • Jackpot! Las Vegas Raiders Shake Down Tax Payers For $750 Million Stadium
      Taxpayers have given almost $7 billion in tax money to the NFL to help fund the building of stadiums.So will Nevada see a big economic boost for laying so much money on the table to help keep a bunch of billionaires rich? It’s doubtful. Cartoon by Rob Tornoe.
    • CUPS 2.2.3 Adds Support for PPD Finishing Keywords, IPP Everywhere Improvements
      Apple released today a new maintenance update for its open-source and cross-platform printing system, CUPS (Common Unix Printing System), for macOS and other UNIX-like operating systems.CUPS 2.2.3 is the third point release to the stable 2.2 series of the project, bringing a bunch of IPP Everywhere improvements, such as support for all print qualities and media types that a printer supports, in the print queues.Additionally, it makes IPP Everywhere finishings support work correctly with comm
    • Now thats using mobile for REAL productivity
      Its the 1990s, and this two-way paging company sees an opportunity in developing a version of its service for PDAs, says a pilot fish who gets the job of managing the software development."Part of the PDA development included a Windows app that would allow users to send text to a pager," fish says. "As manager of the program, I was given frequent build updates, and I would hammer on the app and provide feedback to the subcontracting company doing the d
    • Vic education department creates CIO role
      Victoria’s Department of Education and Training is recruiting for a newly created chief information officer position as part of a restructure affecting how IT services are delivered within the department.
    • 12 Skills Every Technical Executive Should Master
      These skills will serve you well with both your technical team and the C-suite.
    • Americans Have Bad Habits When It Comes To Online Security [Infographic]
      In todays world, we have to keep track of a very large amount of passwords and log-in information. Unfortunately, a shocking amount of American’s do not take online security seriously.
    • 7 Lessons Horses (Yes, Horses) Can Teach You About Business
      A New Mexico-based CEO shows how horses can can help transform your career and teach you to be a leader.
    • Small Businesses Must Be Both Cautions And Creative In Todays Choatic Health Benefit Market
      There will be no Republican healthcare bill this year, but much will change. What health benefit strategy makes sense for small businesses until the direction of the new administration becomes clear?
    • Five Factors To Evaluate When Deciding Whether To Hire A Social Media Expert
      Is your social strategy not yielding the desired results? If thats the case, it might be time to hire professionals.
    • Why Congresss Rejection Of Proposed FCC Data Rules Will Not Affect Your Privacy In The Slightest
      Claims that Congress authorized ISPs to sell personal information in a vote this week are wildly inaccurate. Rejecting proposed FCC rules instead leaves in place a wildly-successful policy that makes free content possible.
    • Perfect Blend Pro review - CNET
      This Bluetooth-enabled kitchen scale connects works with an app to guide you step-by-step through smoothie recipes based on the weight of your ingredients.
    • Limits of the Event Parameter Buffer? By Paul Reeves.
      Limits of the Event Parameter Buffer? By Paul Reeves.
    • Microsoft Excel for Windows Finally Getting Co-Authoring Features
      Microsoft Excel for Windows will soon receive co-authoring support, a feature that allows two or more users to work together on a specific document at the same time.Currently available in Excel Online, Excel on Android, Windows 10 Mobile, and iOS, this new feature is now in the beta stage for Windows users, as Microsoft first wants to test it with help from Office insiders in the Fast ring before releasing it to everyone.Basically, with co-authoring, Excel users can work together on their do
    • How to connect Lifx bulbs to Google Home - CNET
      Among 12 new smart home integrations with Google Home is Lifx -- but dont go deleting your IFTTT applets just yet.
    • 10 things you need to know about the security risks of wearables
      The risks from corporate use of activity trackers and other wearables is low, some experts say -- especially in comparison to all the other security and privacy risks CISOs, CIOs and IT folks must worry about.That said, as with any connected device, there is risk potential. For example, recent research suggests that devices such as Fitbits can be hacked (when the hacker is within close proximity). By focusing on accelerometers and other motion sensors,
    • 10+1
    • Thai tigers survive and breed in the wild.
      How will we view the current conservation crisis in the future. Tigers, like it or not, are at the forefront of poaching and habitat preservation. We will be judged on whether this is an oversight in counting Indochinese tigers or a genuine result of conservators who struggle to maintain the world’s great rainforests and often die in the attempt. Armed poachers are matched rarely in firepower by rangers and wardens, so protection here may involve more than patrolling. The cameras need to revea
    • US House votes to destroy the privacy rights of web users
      Last week, the US Senate voted to permit ISPs to share -- or sell -- customers browsing histories and other data without permission. Now the House has gone ahead and voted the same way, so internet users privacy is now up for sale. Just as the Senate vote to overturn privacy rules was close (50 votes to 48), so was yesterdays: 215 to 205. The repeal of the FCC-approved rules had President Trumps support, and the latest vote means that all manner of personal information is now able to be sold for
    • Стартовал ежегодный форум BIG DATA, организуемый издательством «Открытые системы»
      Форум, который проводится уже в шестой раз и успел превратиться в авторитетную, постоянно действующую профессиональную площадку, собрал в этом году более 400 участников.
    • Congress Votes to Kill ISP Privacy Rules, Lets Them Sell Off Your Data
      The controversial bill that will allow ISPs to sell off customers data has received the vote of approval in the House of Representatives too, following last weeks vote in the Senate. The bill passed by 232 votes to 184, which was to be expected given the number of Republicans in the Congress. President Trump also supports the bill, as was stated by the White House spokesman, which means it will soon become law that Internet Service Providers can sell of your data without getting your approval
    • These Are the Best Antivirus Apps for Windows 7 Corporate Users
      German security experts at AV-TEST conducted new tests to determine the best antivirus software for Windows 7, and after revealing that Kaspersky and Bitdefender are the top choices for home users, let’s have a look at corporate solutions.Unsurprisingly, the same companies top the corporate tests as well, so the maximum points were received by Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Symantec, which got 6 out of 6 points in each test for protection, performance, and usability.The lowest score went to M
    • Intel digs in to keep Moores Law alive
      The landmark Moores Law observation, which is now more than 50 years old, keeps shapeshifting as the physical challenges of making smaller chips mounts.Many scientists agree that Moores Law is dying, but Intel is clinging on to it for dear life. It has been Intels guiding light for making chips smaller, faster and cheaper.Now, Intel is changing the way it measures process technology advancements, which will help the company continue to boast abo
    • Китайский интернет-гигант Tencent инвестировал $1,8 млрд в Tesla
      Китайский интернет-гигант Tencent Holdings инвестировал $1,78 млрд в американского производителя премиальных электромобилей Tesla, передаёт агентство Reuters. Tencent приобрела более 8 млн акций Tesla, что соответствует примерно 5-процентной доле. В результате этой сделки китайская ко
    • Mozilla Firefox 52.0.2 Released to Fix Linux Crash on Startup, Other Issues
      Mozilla released today, March 28, 2017, the second maintenance update to the Firefox 52.0 web browser for all supported platforms, including GNU / Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.Mozilla Firefox 52.0.2 comes about eleven days after the first point release, versioned 52.0.1, which most of you probably use on your personal computer at the moment of reading this article, and which addressed a critical security issue, specifically an integer overflow discovered in the createImageBitmap() functio
    • Google Home is catching up to the Amazon Echo video - CNET
      A dozen new hardware partners including Logitech Harmony, Lifx and August jump on board with Googles smart home system.
    • Intel digs deep to keep Moores Law alive
      The landmark Moores Law observation, which is now more than 50 years old, keeps shapeshifting as the physical challenges of making smaller chips mounts.Many scientists agree that Moores Law is dying, but Intel is clinging on to it for dear life. It has been Intels guiding light for making chips smaller, faster and cheaper.Now, Intel is changing the way it measures process technology advancements, which will help the company continue to boast abo
    • HTC U Flagship With Touch-Sensitive Frame to Launch in April
      Earlier this year, HTC released two premium smartphones, the U Ultra and U Play, while a new leak reveals that the third phone in the lineup would arrive next month. The flagship will be called simply HTC U and it’s actually the HTC Ocean that was mentioned in previous reports. HTC U would be the company’s successor to last year’s HTC 10, taking the reign as the 2017 flagship for HTC. Rumors about the new smartphone surfaced in January this year, when a video showed the company’s new S
    • Shattering remote worker stereotypes
      A recent satirical piece in the New Yorker played the stereotypical remote worker for laughs -- disheveled, disoriented, starved for human contact, still in his pajamas after who-knows-how-many-days. Unproductive, he calls 911 for help. While its hilarious -- and for those who work from home, theres certainly a few grains of t
    • Как правильно заказывать товары на Алиэкспресс. Пошаговая инструкция
      Aliexpress – одна их самых популярных площадок для покупки товаров из Китая. Однако еще не все освоили онлайн-шоппинг, а некоторые просто боятся это делать. Сегодня мы подготовили пошаговую инструкцию, как правильно делать покупки на aliexpress.com.
    • Россиян могут обязать указывать всех возможных пользователей их компьютеров и гаджетов
      Министерство связи и массовых коммуникаций РФ (Минкомсвязь) подготовило проект изменений в правила оказания услуг телефонной связи, телематических услуг связи, а также услуг связи по передаче данныхдля исполнения так называемого пакета Яровой. Как сообща
    • Upcoming Catalysts For Biotech (Plus: 2 Small-Cap Picks)
      ...read more
    • 47% off First Alert 10-Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Temperature - Deal Alert
      First Alerts CO710 CO alarm is powere
    • PDFium Component Suite for FireMonkey 4.4
      Delphi and C++ Builder components for viewing, navigating, text extracting and editing PDF files.- uses PDFium open-source PDF rendering engine- supports Windows 32, Windows 64, macOS, iOS32, iOS64 and Android- available for Delphi / C++ Builder XE2 - 10.1- source code included in registered version- royalty free distribution in applications
    • 46% off CyberPower Surge Protector 3-AC Outlet with 2 USB (2.1A) Charging Ports - Deal Alert
      The Professional Surge Protector CSP3
    • Xigmatek наделила корпус Prospect тремя панелями из закалённого стекла
      В последние годы производители корпусов ПК уделяют всё больше внимания приданию своим изделиям эффектного вида. Такие элементы конструкций, как вентиляторы со светодиодной подсветкой и полупрозрачные внешние панели, позволяют создавать нетривиальные продукты. Так
    • Apple Outs First Betas of iOS 10.3.2, macOS 10.12.5, watchOS 3.2.2 & tvOS 10.2.1
      Just one day after announcing the final versions of the iOS 10.3, macOS 10.12.4 Sierra, tvOS 10.2 and watchOS 3.2 operating systems, Apple seeded today the first Betas of iOS 10.3.2, macOS 10.12.5, watchOS 3.2.2, and tvOS 10.2.1.Tagged as builds 14F5065b for iOS 10.3.2 Beta, 16F43c for macOS 10.12.5 Sierra Beta, 14V5465b for watchOS 3.2.2 Beta, and 14W5563b for tvOS 10.2.1 Beta, they are available right now from your Apple Developer account if you are a registered application developer with an
    • Рожковая кофеварка Kitfort KT-701 с капучинатором: прибор для любителей монументальных форм
      Kitfort KT-701 производит впечатление качественно выполненной рожковой кофеварки с капучинатором вполне классической конструкции. Основные отличия от других устройств того же типа: довольно большой размер как самого у
    • Новая статья: Fly me to the Moon, Let me play among the stars...
      26 февраля ?лон Маск, основатель, владелец, генеральный директор и главный инженер компании SpaceX, разместил в твиттере интригующее объявление о том, что через 24 часа сообщит нечто важное. А через
    • Первая приставка Simplivity под брендом HPE выйдет в мае
      HPE SimpliVity 380 похожа на уже имеющуюся в линейке HPE приставку HC380. У них одна аппаратная платформа - сервер Proliant DL380, но HC380 использует...
    • Фраза дня по итогам голосования за 29 марта 2017
      Почему-то люди, произносящие что-нибудь вроде «Ну, надо бы поднапрячься!», обычно не имеют в виду себя.
    • Mysterious Lumia 651 Windows Phone Shows Up on Microsoft Website
      A new Windows phone showed up all of a sudden on the Mexican version of Microsoft’s website, but it’s not yet clear whether this is indeed a new product or just an error.Although at first glance it all seems to be just a typo and someone working at Microsoft typed 651 instead of 650, the specifications that are listed on the same page appear to indicate that it’s a new device.For example, the Mexican website says the Lumia 651 features a 5.2-inch screen, whereas the Lumia 650 comes wit
    • Анекдот дня по итогам голосования за 29 марта 2017
      В качестве ответа оппозиции чиновники планируют выйти на митинг с плакатами "Коррупция - наше будущее", "Руки прочь от моей яхты", "По ТВ не показали - значит, ничего и не было", "Пасть порву за домик для уточек", "Моя мигалка - мои правила" и "Я патриот - ворую только в России!".
    • ?стория дня по итогам голосования за 29 марта 2017
      Поздно ночью, когда родители спят, мой парень лазит ко мне в окно (частный сектор) и мы делаем свои "дела"... За год ни разу не спалились. Вчера: час ночи, разгар секса, я на нём. Одеяло слетело и валяется где-то на полу. Вдруг открывается дверь, вваливается мама, видит меня во всей
    • How Neuroscience Might Help The San Francisco Giants Win The World Series
      The next time a San Francisco Giant hits a game-winning home run or turns a great double play to end a rivals rally, you may be able to thank neuroscience.Today, Halo Neuroscience, a San Francisco startup thats developed a device aimed at boosting the performance of athletes, announced it has officially been helping the Giants
    • Vivaldi unveils revolutionary new History feature
      Challenger web browser Vivaldi 1.8 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux. The browser, which has made great strides in its relatively short lifespan, unveils another game-changing feature with this new release. The headline new feature is a revamped History view -- accessed via the Speed Dial or by pressing [Ctrl] + [H]. The feature gives users a more visual overview of their browsing behaviour, making it easier to find -- and return to -- previously visited pages and sites. The new Histo
    • Do you know how omnichannel digitization is transforming insurance industry?
      Until the past few years, when digitization disrupted the market completely everything started to change. Customers started to gain awareness about a lot of opportunities that suddenly became available to them. They are now becoming more educated, more aware, and more empowered to take better decisions.For More: http: / / blogs.shephertz.com / 2017 / 03 / 24 /
    • «?нтернет вещей» в мире и в России
      В мире растет количество «подключенных» устройств (по оценкам отраслевых аналитиков, их количество достигнет 20–50 млрд единиц к 2020 г.) и вместе с …
    • The Samsung Galaxy S8 will support dual SIM (but yours might not) - CNET
      Two phone numbers (and data plans) might be a possibility, but dont expect the feature in the US or UK.
    • 5 things Samsungs Bixby artificial intelligence service will do
      Could artificial intelligence make devices easier to use? According to Samsung, it sure can, and thats what it the company out to prove with its Bixby AI service.Bixby is being loaded on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, which were announced on Tuesday. Bixby is an agent that can help the smartphones talk, recommend, and remind, said Mok Oh, vice president of service strategy at Samsung.The AI service is being positioned as a more intuitive way
    • Microsoft HoloLens helps medical equipment maker hone sales pitch
      Microsofts HoloLens has found a home in healthcare, potentially breathing new life into what has been spotty deployment of immersive digital solutions in enterprises.Medical equipment maker Stryker is using the headset to help show customers how its surgical tables, light fixtures and displays will look in their operating rooms (ORs). HoloLens serves as a planning and design tool for sales pitches, saving Stryker the time, money and effort it typically
    • Личный опыт: как стать UX-специалистом без опыта в IT
      Еще несколько лет назад я работала в банке, у меня была хорошая должность и такая же хорошая зарплата. Однако каждый день я возвращалась домой истощенная. В последние годы я уже ненавидела свою работу буквально до дрожи в коленках. ? каждый раз задавалась вопросом – неуже
    • Micron: 30% To 35% Upside
      ...read more
    • TCIMG 18.3
    • Кибер2х2пати на Павелецкой
      28 марта телеканал 2х2  пригласил своих зрителей в кинотеатр Пять здвед на Павелецкой на эксклюзивный показ киберэкшена Призрак в доспехах.
    • За день до анонса Galaxy S8 в Сингапуре загорелся магазин Samsung
      28 марта в Сингапуре в магазине Samsung Experience Store, который находится в торговом комплексе AMK Hub, произошёл небольшой пожар. Возгорание случилось в складском помещении магазина, находящемся на первом этаже. Пожар удалось быстро потушить благодаря спринклерной (оросительной
    • StartPage.com launches the worlds best private image search and Instant Answers
      Privacy-focused search engine StartPage has launched an upgraded private image search feature. With extreme concern mounting about plans for ISPs to be granted permission to sell customers browsing histories without express permission, interest in untrackable browsing is on the increase. Based in the Netherlands, StartPage is outside the reach of US law enforcement agencies, and it uses a secure connection so there is no way to tell what users have been searching for, and also secures click-thro
    • Windows 10 Looks a Lot like macOS in This New NEON Concept
      There’s no doubt that Project NEON is one very anticipated OS overhaul, mostly because it’ll bring new visual improvements, effects, and animations on Windows 10, so it’s no surprise that users across the world try to create concepts imagining what the whole thing could look like.This is the case of the concept you see here and which is supposed to envision the Facebook Messenger app in Windows 10 when Project NEON becomes widely available.As you can see, the concept embraces some of t
    • Google Updates iOS Search App to Add Gboard, Widgets and Expanded 3D Touch
      This month, Google brought many changes to its Google app for Android, including a Recent search interface for browsing history and customizable shortcuts, available for iOS as well. Recently, Google announced that it introduced a number of new tools for iOS users. Google has now bundled its previously standalone keyboard app Gboard with the main iOS Search app, and added support for a plenitude of 3D Touch options, as well as a new Google search widget. Gboard was launched in May last year an
    • Music-inspired Rolls-Royces arent very rock and roll - Roadshow
      But theyre for a very good cause, so you cant mock a Rolls-Royce with an airbrushed hood. OK, maybe you can, but just a little.
    • Камера LookOut Charger в виде зарядного устройства позволит вести скрытое видеонаблюдение
      Спрятать камеру для ведения скрытого видеонаблюдения кажется не самой простой задачей для непрофессионала. Аккуратно замаскировать такое устройство, вмонтировав его в элементы конструкции или предметы быта, довольно сложно по нескольким причинам. Не всегда способ
    • 7 Kindle tricks for iPhone users - CNET
      Become a Kindle-for-iOS power user with these handy tips.
    • Trumps tweets get burned daily by a robot - CNET
      Commentary: A new Twitter account features videos of the ritual burning of every tweet emitted by the president.
    • Copying Snapchat shows Facebook’s lack of innovation
      Facebooks latest moves take yet another page from Snapchat, and the company may need to figure out how to become innovative again.Playing catch-up with competitors is a good thing but it doesnt replace Facebook building new features that users cant get anywhere else."Facebook needs to understand what their second act is going to be," said Zeus Kerravala, an analyst with ZK Research, who added that copying Snapchat shows Facebooks own lack of inn
    • «ЛАН АТМсервис» получил статус Trusted Partner NCR на 2017 год
      Компания NCR назвала «ЛАН АТМсервис» (входит в группу ЛАН?Т) своим доверенным партнером в 2017 году. Российская компания получила статус Trusted …
    • Configuring DHCP Failover in Windows Server 2016
      Karim Buzdar In this guide, Karim Buzdar illustrates how the configuration of DHCP failover in a test environment with two Windows 2016 servers and one Windows 10 client.read more
    • Приблизительно каждый пятый сотовый аппарат на международном рынке — подделка
      Организация экономического сотрудничества и развития (ОЭСР) оценила долю контрафакта в различных категориях продуктов информационно-телекоммуникационного рынка. Сообщается, что приблизительно каждый пятый 19% сотовый аппарат на международном рынке явл
    • Samsung bets big on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus video - CNET
      After battery fire issues plagued the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has launched two new phones to win back customers. The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have displays that curve over their edges, and they feature a new artificial intelligence assistant called Bixby.
    • Ford GT includes dedicated top-speed drive mode video - Roadshow
      Ford GT offers five drive modes with a twist of a dial. Whether it be racing, wet roads, maximum straight-line speed, or plain-old driving, heres how it all works.
    • Google launches new open-source software site
      Google is giving its open-source projects and initiatives a new place to live. The company announced a new site, https: / / opensource.google.com / , designed to provide information on how Google uses, releases, and supports open-source software. “This new site showcases the breadth and depth of our love for open source. It will contain the expected things: our programs, continue reading
    • Б?НБАНК поручил MAYKOR-BTE обслуживание POS-терминалов в 20 регионах России
      MAYKOR-BTE сообщает о расширении сотрудничества с Б?НАБАНКом. В дополнение к обслуживанию банкоматов и ремонту кассет, в рамках нового контракта …
    • With Icons, Legion M Is Creating Pop-Culture Time Capsules And Pushing VRs Limits
      A tangle of cables slithers from a monitoring station in the garage of a house atop Hollywoods Sunset Strip, up a narrow staircase brimming with artifacts and tchotchkes from an adventured life, and into a room overtaken by stereoscopic cameras, ambisonic sound equipment, and GoPro arrays.The focus of all this technology: 94-year-old comic legend Stan Leeco-creator of the Marvel Universe including Spider-Man, The X Men, and Iron Man, among nu
    • В Отделе рукописей и документального фонда Государственного Эрмитажа идет оцифровка дел
      Корпорация ЭЛАР переводит в цифровой вид документы из Отдела рукописей и документального фонда Государственного Эрмитажа. В середине апреля текущего …
    • 12 keyboard shortcuts every Chromebook owner needs to know - CNET
      A dozen keyboard shortcuts to make Chrome OS even easier to use.
    • Oracle recommends axing the Java object finalizer
      Java’s Object.finalize capability is on the chopping block, deemed more trouble than it’s worth. But expect it to stick around for a while.Deprecation has been proposed for Java Development Kit (JDK) 9, Oracle said. Oracle recommends that the capability no longer be used and a warning will be issued. Initially, Object.finalize wont be deprecated for removal, so at the earliest, it could be dropped in Java SE 11. With
    • Oracle recommends axing Java object finalizer
      Java’s Object.finalize capability is on the chopping block, deemed more trouble than it’s worth. But expect it to stick around for a while.Deprecation has been proposed for Java Development Kit (JDK) 9, Oracle said. Oracle recommends that the capability no longer be used and a warning will be issued. Initially, Object.finalize wont be deprecated for removal, so at the earliest, it could be dropped in Java SE 11. With
    • Россия и ?ран подписали меморандум о сотрудничестве в области связи и ?Т
      В ходе переговоров Президента Российской Федерации Владимира Путина с Президентом ?рана Хасаном Рухани состоялось подписание Меморандума о …
    • Trump again uses iPhone to tweet, backtracking from 2016 pledge
      President Donald Trump now uses an iPhone to broadcast his famous early-morning tweets, according to the White House.Trumps turn to the iPhone was contrary to a pledge he made more than a year ago, when he blasted Apple for refusing to help federal authorities crack the passcode on a device belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters."@POTUS @realDonaldTrump has been using his new iPhone for the past couple of weeks here on Twitter,"
    • Google Calendar finally comes to the iPad
      Google’s Calendar app is making a long-awaited move to a new device: Apple’s iPad. You read that right: Until Wednesday, the tech titan hadn’t optimized its marquee calendar application to run on Apple’s tablets.The app provides users with a view of the calendars that they have and that are shared with them through Google’s service. In addition, they g
    • Sleek new Galaxy S8 phones feature facial recognition, Bixby intelligent agent
      Samsung launched sleek new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones Wednesday with features including facial recognition, an intelligent agent called Bixby and Samsung Pass for secure e-commerce mobile payments.[ Related: Samungs Galaxy S8 will make you forget about the Note 7 fiasco ]The
    • SUSE announces Container as a Service Platform 1.0 beta
      SUSE is creating a next-generation application and hosting platform for containers. The company announced the beta program of the SUSE Container as a Service (CaaS) Platform 1.0. “There are a lot of decisions to be made before you are ready for production / deployment of container apps. What orchestration tools to use, how to manage registry of continue readingThe post
    • Карты памяти Team Group GO рассчитаны на экшен-камеры
      Компания Team Group анонсировала флеш-карты microSD серии GO, созданные специально для использования в экшен-камерах. Отмечается, что новые изделия соответствуют стандарту UHS-I Speed Class 3. Заявленная скорость чтения информации достигает 90 Мбайт / с, скорость записи 45 Мбайт / с. Ка
    • «Мегафон» проговорился о колоссальном убытке «Евросети»
      Оператор «Мегафон» сообщил о получении «Евросетью» в 2016 г. убытка в размере 1,7 млрд руб. В 2015 г. «Евросети», наоборот, получила прибыль в размере 1,5 млрд руб.
    • Garmins new Forerunner 935 watch features battery bump - CNET
      The latest fitness tracker from Garmin caters to the dedicated triathlete with increased battery life and an altimeter.
    • Разработка резидента «Сколково» будет использоваться при создании самолетов-амфибий
      Компания ?ММЕРС реализовала проект поставки программно-аппаратного комплекса ?ммерс / FlowVision в ТАНТК им. Г.М. Бериева.
    • Transcend MTE850: быстрые твердотельные накопители PCIe NVMe M.2
      Компания Transcend анонсировала твердотельные накопители PCIe NVMe M.2 2280 SSD серии MTE850, которые предназначены для использования в мощных игровых компьютерах и системах корпоративного класса. ?зделия выполнены в формате M.2 2280. Они соответствуют спецификации NVM Express 1.2 (NVMe), описы
    • Microsoft In The Garden Portfolio
      ...read more
    • Fluke 414D / 419D / 424D: измеряют быстрее, с большей точностью в различных условиях
      Новое поколение лазерных дальномеров Fluke в MERLION.
    • JIRA Cloud app for Slack helps teams resolve issues ?in a jiffy’
      Slack is teaming up with JIRA to create a new application that will let engineers, product managers, and QA teams work together to quickly resolve issues and ship software faster. With the new JIRA Cloud app, users can work through issues in Slack by “subscribing to notifications on key matters and pulling in deeper contextual continue readingThe post
    • Forum Post: RE: saving all failed verifications at once in visual test
      I am doing lots of image verifications of an entire view in my AUT
    • Use Facebook to find your local lawmakers - CNET
      Get your activism on with the social networks new Town Hall feature. Heres how.
    • The Windows 10 Creators Update for IT Pros
      The Windows 10 Creators Update sounds like a very consumer focused upgrade for Windows 10 but it does deliver many benefits for IT Pros and Enterprise customers.read more
    • Turn off Facebooks pop-up conversation tabs - CNET
      This new feature brings potentially unwanted clutter to your desktop browser.
    • Forum Post: saving all failed verifications at once in visual test
      New to SilkTest (have 17.5). Running visual test with active data and have lots of verifications. Is there a way to save all failed verifications at once, so they are now the expected? I only see how to save one at a time.
    • Тест-менеджер и прожект-менеджер: различия в мотивации и перспективах
      Автор: Шрини Кулкарни (Shrini Kulkarni)Оригинал статьи:
    • «Домашняя бухгалтерия» - теперь на платформе Android
      Новая 6-ая версия ПО для учета личных финансов на своем смартфоне или планшете.
    • Большие возможности с Asus
    • Comment on Knowledge Base
      New to SilkTest (have 17.5). Running visual test with active data and have lots of verifications. Is there a way to save all failed verifications at once, so they are now the expected? I only see how to save one at a time.
    • ASRock расширила ассортимент плат AM4 моделью AB350M-HDV
      Компания AMD, занятая выпуском процессоров Ryzen в конструктиве AM4, в обозримом будущем представит относительно скромные четырёхъядерные модели CPU Ryzen 3. Поэтому производители материнских плат стараются насытить свой ассортимент недорогими устройствами на основе чипсет
    • Компания TP-LINK представляет JetStream Smart
      Гигабитный коммутатор PoE+ на 8 портов и 2 SFP-слота T1500G-10MPS.
    • TIBCO Software announces new Mashery Professional API Management solution
      TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, today announced availability of its new API management offering, TIBCOMashery® Professional. Designed to expedite digital transformation activities, Mashery® Professional provides an easy-to-use API management solution that enables users to package APIs as products, manage API user communities, secure APIs, and monitor API program
    • Профессиональная 4K-видеокамера Panasonic AG-UX180 с сенсором 1 и объективом 20х
      Panasonic UX это новая интересная серия камер, которая приходит на смену мелкоматричным камерам на недорогих SD-носителях, типа AG-AC160. Серия UX не позиционируется как флагманская или как начальный уровень. Это рабочие
    • Free for all: CoreOS joins Docker in donating container core
      Hot on the heels of Docker’s container runtime becoming a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project, CoreOS has also donated its container runtime to the CNCF.Rkt, aka Rocket, wa
    • Устаревающие технологии создают препятствия на пути развития государственных компаний
      ?сследование Fujitsu выявило, что 4 из 5 руководителей государственных организаций уверены в том, что они смогут внедрить цифровые технологии к 2021 …
    • Kony launches AppVantage, a new approach to helping businesses meet growing demand for apps
      Kony, Inc., the leading provider of mobile apps for enterprises, today introduced its new Kony AppVantage™ offering to help businesses large and small looking for innovative and cost-effective enterprise-grade apps. With Kony AppVantage, Kony can quickly build custom apps for organizations or customers can choose from a portfolio of existing pre-built packaged apps and components, continue read
    • Принятый канадскими властями закон резко ограничил зону полётов БПЛА
      Попустительское отношение к правилам безопасной эксплуатации беспилотных летательных аппаратов и регулярные сообщения об инцидентах с дронами вынудили правительство Канады пойти на жёсткие меры. Теперь обладатели квадрокоптеров и прочих модификаций беспилотник
    • How to fend off cyberattacks and data breaches
      According to research conducted by Symantec, the number of cyberattacks against small businesses (companies with fewer than 250 employees) has been steadily growing over the last six years, with hackers specifically targeting employees (phishing). And while distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks are still a leading
    • What I saw inside Samsungs battery testing center video - CNET
      CNET senior reporter Shara Tibken visits Samsung headquarters in South Korea to see firsthand how the company has stepped up its battery testing after the disastrous Note 7 fires. She also gets an early look at the new Galaxy S8.
    • Russian Open Source Summit 2017
      19 апреля 2017 г. в Москве ведущий ?Т-еженедельник PC Week проводит 8-й ежегодный Russian Open Source Summit (ROSS) 2017, посвященный современным открытым ?Т, стандартам и платформам, свободному программному обеспечению (СПО).Будут обсуждаться следующие темы:1. Open Source и государство.
    • Vala 0.36.0
      Стала доступна новая версия Vala C#-подобного языка программирования и одноименной реализации в виде транслятора в код на C. Проект в основном нацелен на упрощение для разработчиков использования программной инфраструктуры построенн
    • Weaveworks launches Weave Cloud Enterprise Edition with advanced Kubernetes operations services
      Weaveworks today announced the availability of Weave Cloud Enterprise Edition (EE) tier for its container-based microservices management platform. New features for Site Reliability Engineering teams include incident management, release automation and rollback for CI / CD, and full stack Kubernetes troubleshooting. This major new version includes: Incident management with historical audit, instant query and comprehensive dashboards. Release
    • Tsinghua создаёт СП с ChipMOS для упаковки памяти на территории Китая
      По множеству причин ни США, ни Тайвань не заинтересованы в развитии домашнего китайского производства полупроводников. Эти страныпрепятствуют сделкам китайских инвесторов с высокотехнологическими иностранными компаниями, если в них превалирует интерес китайц
    • Cloud Foundry to bridge critical developer gap with launch of world’s largest cloud-native developer certification initiative: Cloud Foundry Certified Developer
      Responding to an impending critical shortage of developers, Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard platform for cloud applications, today announced the launch of the world’s largest cloud-native developer certification initiative. The “Cloud Foundry Certified Developer” program will be delivered in partnership with the Linux Foundation, responsible for training and certifying more developers on open
    • RogueKillerCMD is a command line malware hunter
      RogueKillerCMD is a command line version of the popular anti-malware tool RogueKiller. The GUI edition will always be easier to use, but command line builds are handy for automation or running checks when Windows isn’t fully available (Safe Mode with command prompt). You don’t have to be a console expert to use the program. Launching a default scan is as simple as entering this: RogueKillerCMDX64.exe -scan You can choose to remove all detections, optionally including "potentially unwanted pr
    • Is Windows 10 Creators Update a Worthy Upgrade for Businesses?
      Windows 10 Creators Update has finally been given an official release date by Microsoft. On April 11, 2017, Microsoft will begin offering Windows 10 Creators Update as an upgrade.
    • AI and Humans: Focusing on what we can achieve together
      Dystopian fever spiked again last week as PwC issued a report predicting UK jobs carnage at the hands of robots over the coming decade. "Artificial Intelligence" has dark overtones in the media and the popular imagination. Some of us are buzzed about this new era of augmented human performance and meaningful human computer interactions. Others worry for their livelihoods, even their personal freedoms. AI technology has improved significantly over the last few years, mainly because of a combinati
    • Docker’s containerd comes to CNCF, Google’s Android Studio, and Kubernetes 1.6 — SD Times news digest: March 29, 2017
      The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF) Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) has officially welcomed Docker’s core container runtime, containerd. Containerd has been accepted as an incubating project alongside projects like Kubernetes, gRPC, and more. Docker’s acceptance into the CNCF comes three months after Docker announced its intent to contribute to the project, according to the CNCF.
    • Запуск Г?С ТЭК просрочен на полтора года. «Ланит» и РЭА Минэнерго обменялись исками на сотни миллионов
      Шестисотмиллионный проект по созданию Г?С ТЭК забуксовал наполтора года. РЭА Минэнерго как заказчик системы через суд решило наказать подрядчика «Ланит» на 273 млн руб. «Ланит» подал встречный иск.
    • MAME 0.184 Improves Agat-7 Apple II Clone Emulation, Supports New Arcade Games
      The MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) development team announced today the release and immediate availability of MAME 0.184, a new maintenance update that adds support for new arcade games and other improvements.Among the improvements implemented in the MAME 0.184 release, we can mention emulation improvements to the Agat-7 Apple II and Famicom clones, various enhancements to the BBC and PC software lists, as well as a much faster -romident verb with support for identifying ROMs for emul
    • ?з вещества в окрестностях сверхмассивных чёрных дыр рождаются звёзды
      Европейская Южная Обсерватория (ESO) сообщает о важном открытии, которое может серьёзно повлиять на представления учёных о свойствах и эволюции галактик. Наблюдения на Очень Большом Телескопе (VLT) в обсерватории ESO на горе Параналь в Чили показали, что звёзды образуются
    • Azure Blobs vs AWS S3
      Azure blobs vs AWS S3
    • 38% off Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive - Deal Post
      The Backup Plus Ultra Slim Portable D
    • IDG Contributor Network: Samsung has a lot to prove with the new Galaxy S8
      “The only thing I hate about this phone is how hot it gets…”That’s one of my kids complaining about the Samsung Galaxy S7, a remarkable device that runs on the Android operating system as though Samsung and Google were best buddies. Over the course of the day, the phone will heat up slightly, and if you leave it in the car on a sunny day, watch out.The phone has an amazing screen and takes beautiful images.
    • Открытие первого магазина Amazon без кассиров задержится из-за технических проблем
      В работе первого магазина Amazon без кассиров возникли крупные технические неполадки. ?з-за этого компании придётся задержать его открытие. ?значально публичный запуск Amazon Go должен был состояться в начале этого года. Согласно The Wall Street Journal, системы торгового зала Amazon Go р
    • AT&T: Robbing Investors?
      ...read more
    • В России появится научно-технологическая долина «Воробьёвы горы»
      Президент РФ Владимир Путин утвердил перечень поручений по вопросу привлечения частных инвестиций для финансирования научной, научно-технической и инновационной деятельности вузов и научных организаций. МГУ
    • Google запустил отдельный сайт для своих открытых проектов
      Компания Google представила новый сайт opensource.google.com, в рамках которого объединены разрозненные информационные ресурсы, рассказывающие о процессах разработки, использования и поддержки СПО в компании. На сайте также собраны ссылки на все открытые проекты Google (более 2000), подде
    • IDG Contributor Network: How Procore brought the cloud to the $10 trillion construction industry
      When the history of cloud software is written its beginnings will be traced to 1998 and the founding of NetLedger (Now Oracle-owned NetSuite) an accounting app. Over the course of two decades companies like Salesforce.com, Workday and Concur would follow, upending old assumptions about business applications, and creating a marketplace where the public companies alone are worth a
    • Новый бренд ZOJI вышел на рынок с защищёнными смартфонами ZOJI Z6 и ZOJI Z7
      В конце марта в продажу поступят два защищённых смартфона бренда ZOJI, основанного в начале этого года, ZOJI Z6 и ZOJI Z7.
    • This Tech Platform Is The Backbone Of The Anti-Trump Organizing Efforts
      When the first Peoples Climate March took to the New York City streets in September 2014, it was billed as the largest climate march in history. At the time, it was: A crowd of up to 400,000 rallied in protest of international inaction on global warming, and se
    • In Its New Factory, Impossible Foods Will Make 12 Million Pounds Of Plant-Based Burgers A Year
      Inside a former baked-goods factory near the Oakland airport, a construction crew is installing giant vats that will soon be used to scale up production of the Impossible Burgera plant-based meat designed to look and taste good enough that meat eaters will want to order it, not vegetarians.The meat, developed by a team led by former Stanford biochemistry professor Patrick Brown, is currently being produced in a 10,000-square-foot pilot facility in Silicon Valle
    • Новая статья: Обзор смартфона Meizu Pro 6 Plus: по корейскому следу
      Meizu привлекает меньше внимания, чем другие китайцы вроде Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo или ZTE, однако периодически она выпускает весьма любопытные гаджеты с оригинальным сочетанием качеств. Например, Meizu Pro 6 Plus
    • Trojan source code leak poised to spur new online banking attacks
      The source code for a new Trojan program that targets banking services has been published online, offering an easy way for unskilled cybercriminals to launch potent malware attacks against users.The Trojan is called Nuclear Bot and first appeared for sale on underground cybercrime forums in early December for $2,500. It can steal and inject information from and into websites opened in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and can also op
    • Fences Desktop Organization Tool Now Available on Steam
      Fences is currently one of the top desktop organization tools for Windows users, and parent company Stardock is trying to make it as widely available as possible, so today it’s rolling out the application on Steam.Making Fences available for Steam users is supposed to boost adoption especially among gamers, who could discover the benefits of using a desktop organization program to keep things organized regardless of their Windows version.Stardock says it turned to Steam because other title
    • Выпуск Kubernetes 1.6, системы управления кластером изолированных контейнеров
      Представлен релиз платформы оркестровки контейнеров Kubernetes 1.6, позволяющей как единым целым управлять кластером Linux-контейнеров, созданных с использованием таких инструментариев как Docker и rkt. Платформа обеспечивает эффективное распределение контейнеров по узлам кластер
    • Apple iOS 10.3: APFS implementation, developer improvements, and security updates
      Apple has announced iOS 10.3 with the highly requested “Find my AirPods” feature, new Apple File System (APFS) implementation, and a number of developer improvements. Other enhancements include bug fixes and touch ID authentication for its Numbers, Pages, and Keynote productivity apps. The latest version of the mobile operating system went through seven beta versions
    • Apple Seeds iOS 10.3.2 Beta 1 to Public Beta Testers, Heres How to Install It
      After releasing yesterday the first Beta builds of its upcoming iOS 10.3.2, macOS 10.12.5 Sierra, watchOS 3.2.2, and tvOS 10.2.1 operating systems to registered developers, Apple now seeds iOS 10.3.2 Public Beta 1 to anyone else who wants to test drive it.Including the same improvements and security fixes that Apples iOS development team implemented in the iOS 10.3.2 Beta 1 build which application developers with an active Apple Developer account could download and install on their registered
    • Беспилотные автомобили Uber вернули на дороги, виновник аварии — человек
      Сервис вызова такси Uberвозобновил тестирование самоуправляемых автомобилей вТемпе (Аризона, США) и Питтсбурге (Пенсильвании, США) после вынужденного перерыва, который пришлось сделать после дорожно-транспортного инцидента, произошедшего в Темпе. 27 марта прина
    • This Is How To Get Hired At Facebook
      Its no surprise that a lot of people dream of landing a job at Facebook. The social networks massive reach means employees get to work on something that potentially affects billions of people. The company has also consistently placed high on the rankings of best places to work for offering career advancement, good benefits,
    • Microsofts Surface Book and Surface Studio will ship in more markets
      Microsoft has been cautious about making its Surface product line available worldwide. It tests devices in specific markets, sees how they do, and if the response is good, ships them to those areas.The company appears to have have received a strong response, in particular, to its Surface Studio, Surface Book devices and Surface Dial, which will soon be available in many Asian and European countries.The expanded availability of these devices was
    • IDG Contributor Network: President Trump dumps Android for Apples iPhone
      President Trump has long been known for having a formidable presence on Twitter, via his Android phone. He has his personal Twitter account, as well as the official POTUS account. The president also has a personal account on Facebook, as well as the official POTUS Facebook accou
    • How Asana Built The Best Company Culture In Tech
      Tech culture has the reputation for long hours, intense competition, and little time for reflection. But Asana, a workplace-productivity management company founded by former Facebookers and Googlers, couldnt be further from this stereotype.The company is built on the idea that mindfulness, clear communication, and compassion are all critical to long-term success. Asana has become known for its radically inclusive, positive work environment.This approach has pai
    • FIRST LOOK: The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone
      Halt and (don’t) catch fireImage by SamsungThis April 21, you can l
    • Skechers: Up, Up And Away
      ...read more
    • Смартфоны Samsung Galaxy S8 и S8+ анонсированы и поступят в продажу 21 апреля
      На прошедшем мероприятии Galaxy Unpacked корейская Samsung представила два новых флагманских аппарата S8 и S8+. Компания максимально уменьшила рамки вокруг дисплея, избавилась от физической кнопки «Домой
    • Node.js Firebird Drivers by Adriano dos Santos Fernandes.
      Node.js Firebird Drivers by Adriano dos Santos Fernandes.
    • Carriers Announce Galaxy S8 and S8+ Availability and Pricing Details
      Samsung has just announced its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ today, together with a bundle of accessories, including the DeX Station. The company also announced pricing and availability for the two phones. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will be offered in multiple color options, including Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver, Coral Blue and Maple Gold.Samsung’s newest flagship will be available for pre-order starting March 30 in the US, while Europeans in some coun
    • Выпуск web-браузера Vivaldi 1.8
      Представлен выпуск web-браузера Vivaldi 1.8, разрабатываемого на базе движка Chromium и продолжающего развитие идей классического браузера Opera, предоставляя широкий спектр возможностей, включая удобную систему группировки вкладок, боковую панель, конфигуратор с большим числом нас
    • Подробности о Colorful iGame GTX 1080 Ti
      Китайский производитель графических карт опубликовал новые подробности о своём будущем флагмане Colorful iGame GTX 1080 Ti. Об этой карте мы уже вкратце рассказывали нашим читателям: интересна она, прежде всего, наличием на боку карты специального жидкокристаллического ди
    • Koozali SME Server 8.2 Reaches End of Life on March 31, Upgrade to Koozali SME 9
      Koozali Foundation, through Terry Fage, announced the availability of a final set of updates for the Koozali SME Server 8.2 operating system, which will reach end of life this week.Patching some of the reported bugs, the new packages released today for Koozali SME Server 8.2 are e-smith-ibays-2.2.0-16.el5.sme.noarch.rpm, e-smith-manager-2.2.0-14.el5.sme.noarch.rpm, smeserver-clamav-2.2.0-15.el5.sme.noarch.rpm, smeserver-locale-*-2.2.0-56.el5.sme.noarch.rpm, and smeserver-yum-2.2.0-26.el5.sme.n
    • ASUS выделит разработки в области дополненной реальности в независимый стартап
      Компания ASUS планирует отделить от себя отдел разработки технологий дополненной (AR) и виртуальной реальности (VR). Ожидается, что эта команда станет независимым стартапом, сообщает DigiTimes, ссылаясь на китайское издание Commercial Times. Речь идёт об отделе, который сначала входи
    • FireDAC BatchMove and Calculated Fields
      If you need to pump records from one data source to an other, then TFDBatchmove is for you. Using FireDACs BatchMove component allows you to easily map the fields of one query to an other, regardless if they belong to the same database / connection or two totally different databases. You can actuallyRead More
    • Now Youre the Manager, Time to Offer Guidance
      Whether you are a new manager or deeply experienced, be aware that you need to provide your IT staff with ongoing career guidance, as Interop ITX workshop present Rob Cordova explains.
    • IDG Contributor Network: Potential Oracle acquisition of Accenture brings new digital twist
      This morning’s news in the UK’s leading IT publication, The Register, announced that Oracle has hired specialists to conduct due diligence on synergies and impacts of Oracle acquiring Accenture. Obviously, the feasibility study is at an early stage, and neither of the giant companies is commenting on the news... and it might no
    • How To Turn Your Internship Into Full-Time Work—Including At Another Company
      Wouldnt it be nice if your job search started and stopped with the company youre already interning for? Sometimes, it happens. If theres a role available, and the position and company are a good fit, you could find yourself sitting behind the same desk youre at now after graduation.But while the internship-to-job track i
    • A Dangerous Risk For Fiat
      ...read more
    • Three Reliable Leadership Lessons I Keep Going Back To In Uncertain Times
      Remember back when VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) only really applied to companies? Those were the days, huh? Lately, with geopolitical discord abroad, political tensions here at home in the U.S., and all manner of policy shifts that could impact U.S. businesses, plenty of entrepreneurs may be wishing for steadier leadership. I know I am.In good times and bad, I remind myself that holding onto negative emotions won&#x
    • How These Seven Tech Leaders Are Tackling Diversity In 2017
      Over the last few years, diversity has inched perilously toward buzzword status. Tech companies have taken to talking loudly and frequently about it since 2014 in particular, when Google became the first to make its diversity stats public. In the Trump era, championing diversity has
    • Новая статья: Обзор ASUS ROG GT51CA: игровой компьютер Тони Старка
      ASUS ROG GT51CA порождает разные ассоциации. Кому-то кажется, что он похож на космический звездолет, кому-то — на внеземной артефакт, кто-то видит в нем футуристичный ядерный реактор. Ну а наша ассоц
    • Is The Amy Schumer Backlash A Symptom Of A Bigger Problem?
      https: / / content.jwplatform.com / videos / DC8T3cKt-mDp2utee.mp4
    • Samsung Enhanced Camera Capabilities on the Galaxy S8 and S8+
      The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ went official today, bringing lots of new features and powerful performance that could make the two phones some of the best to be announced this year. One area that Samsung paid attention to is the camera department. Samsung stated that “the Galaxy S8 and S8+ take mobile photography to a new level with their ability to capture vibrant photos in low light as well as new features that add even more fun to photos.” This proves that the Galaxy S8 is ready to take o
    • [Unstable] CnWizards_1.1.2.892_Unstable.exe
      Download: CnWizards_1.1.2.892_Unstable.exeFile Type: UnstableFile Date: 2017-03-29 12:51File Size: 13,512,564Description: # Wizard Tools Support RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo.* [Search Component] Show Package Name of Selected Component if Exists.
    • G Suite vs. Office 365 cloud collaboration battle heats up
      CIOs and IT managers are increasingly adopting Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite for collaboration, productivity and messaging. These cloud-based productivity suites are expanding, gaining new feature sets and new apps for enterprise users. Earlier this month, both Google and Microsoft introduced chat-based collaboration apps to reposition for competition in this fast evolving and hotly contested space.Microsofts Teams, which has been in
    • Wine Staging Has a Brand-New Repository, Heres How to Migrate to It Right Now
      Wine Stagings Michael Müller have announced today that he and his colleague have been working lately on a brand-new and more advanced build system that will allow them to release packages faster after a new version is announced.Some of you interested in Wine Staging might have noticed that, with each new update, the team mentioned at the end of the announcement something like "Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations." Wel
    • Для Android реализована возможность применения штатных видеодрайверов Linux
      В ходе совместной работы инженеры из Collabora и Google подготовили прослойку "drm_hwcomposer", обеспечивающую работу графической подсистемы платформы Android поверх штатного графического стека ядра Linux и API DRM (Direct Rendering Manager). Код прослойки drm_hwcomposer принят в основной репозиторий проекта Chrome
    • Samsung Introduces DeX Station for Desktop Experiences with the Galaxy S8
      Today, Samsung introduced the new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones with lots of new features and improved performance, compared to their predecessors. Samsung also launched the new DeX Station accessory, similar to Microsoft’s Continuum. Samsung’s new DeX Station will be compatible with Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ phones, and offer an Android-based desktop-like experience for users to access applications, edit and email documents, browse the web, watch videos and do much more.The device allows
    • Apple may drop support for iPhone 5, iPad 4 in iOS 10.3.2
      Apple is focusing on a 64-bit only future for iOS devices and software. Apps that do not play well with the latest architecture will cease to be supported in the next major release of the operating system, while 32-bit iPhones and iPads could get the axe as early as the next iOS 10 update. How do we know that? Well, Apple just made the first iOS 10.3.2 beta available to developers and it does not include restore images for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and the fourth-generation iPad. All those device
    • Samsung announces new Gear 360 camera and Gear VR headset
      To prove that its serious about becoming a major player in the virtual reality market, at todays Unpacked eventwhich saw the unveiling of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, Samsung introduced a new Gear VR headset and Gear 360 camera. Samsung changed the port on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, opting for USB Type-C this time round, which meant that it also had to introduce a new Gear VR headset to work with the latest flagships. Meanwhile, the new Gear 360 is promised to be more refined and easie
    • How to sell DevOps in your company
      In today’s complex business environment, the increasing rate of change has resulted in increased expectations for more value in less time. Today’s organizations are expected to delight customers, stay ahead of competitors, and react and adapt instantly when needed. To meet these demands, software must be capable of evolving and adapting continuously. As a result, regardless of industry, the thing on which companies now compete has become hyper-automation of the software development process.
    • IDG Contributor Network: Cloud Foundry certification program looks to train cloud developers
      There is a huge gap between supply and demand of skilled developers, especially when it comes to cloud-based technologies. There is an explosion in the cloud space, from Uber to Apple — everyone is using the cloud. There are currently not enough skilled people to meet this growing demand.In 2016 Cloud Foundry published a survey that found “an escalating gap in cloud ski
    • Tidewater: Dont Dream Of A Short Squeeze
      ...read more
    • GNOME 3.26 "Manchester" Desktop Environment Slated for Release on September 13
      The GNOME Project published today the preliminary release schedule for the next major version of the popular GNOME desktop environment, GNOME 3.26, whose development will start very soon.While many of you did not even manage to upgrade to the new GNOME 3.24 release and discover its cool new features, it looks like the GNOME development team has no time to waste, as they put together the roadmap for the next series, which will be developed during the next six months under the GNOME 3.25.x umbre
    • Annaly Capitals BV, Dividend, And Valuation Compared To 17 mREIT Peers (Includes Q2 2017 Dividend Projection) - Part 2
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    • Franco-Nevada Corporation Or Sandstorm Gold: Do We Really Have To Choose?
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    • Oppo R11 получит сдвоенную камеру с 5-кратным оптическим зумом
      По итогам января 2017 года бренд Oppo составил достойную конкуренцию на китайском рынке таким компаниям, как Apple, Huawei и ZTE, продав свыше трёх миллионов смартфонов R9S и R9S Plus. Однако почивать на лаврах Oppo не намерена и в ближайшие месяцы представит новые модели R11 и R11 Plus. Opp
    • An Advanced and Easy-use AngularJS Modal Dialog
      Updated the modal dialog compatible with Angular 1.5x and TypeScript. Also providing an example to open a dialog in the component controller class.
    • 5 Samsung Galaxy S8 features Apple should steal for iPhone 8
      Samsung just took the wraps off its new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones in a bid to make people forget about last year’s exploding Note 7 disaster. While the Galaxy S8 has a few things work
    • Samsung Showcases Its Intelligent Interface Bixby, Featured on the Galaxy S8
      Today, Samsung announced the exciting Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones in New York and took the opportunity to showcase its new interface Bixby. This isn’t actually the first time that Samsung reveals the new feature, Bixby was officially introduced a few days ago. Samsung praised all of the incorporated features that would allow users to activate various apps and services on their Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones, as well as interact with content stored on their devices. In addition, Samsung said Bixb
    • Корпус In Win tòu 2.0 оборудован стеклянными панелями с зеркальным эффектом
      Компания In Win представила уникальный корпус tu 2.0, на базе которого можно сформировать мощный игровой компьютер с необычным внешним видом. Новинка получила прочный алюминиевый каркас, на котором закреплены зеркальные полупрозрачные панели из закалённого стекла т
    • Samsung представила Galaxy S8 и Galaxy S8+
      Компания Samsung Electronics представила свои новые смартфоны — Samsung Galaxy S8 и Galaxy S8+, которые отличаются от …
    • Enda en post om skolen
      Har du fulgt bloggen min en stund har du nok oppdaget at jeg er opptatt av skolen. Det at programmering må læres tidlig, at vi trenger kunnskap inn i det offentlige Norge og videre. Jeg har også passet på å blant annet få frem at en del skoler faktisk nå tar tak i fagområdet. Til []The post Enda en post om skolen appeared first on qusoft.no.
    • Док-станция Samsung DeX превращает Galaxy S8 / S8+ в ПК
      Samsung Electronics представила решение Samsung DeX для повышения производительности сотрудников, работающих удаленно с …
    • Firebird 3 high-level native client for Node.js / TypeScript
      Adriano dos Santos Fernandes created and announced a new Firebird 3 high-level native client for Node.js / TypeScript
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S8 – Notable Progress in the Galaxy S Line
      The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are finally official, after months of speculation and anxious anticipation. We’ve already detailed the phones’ specs and availability, now it’s time to see how much progress Samsung made in the one year since launching the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. In terms of design, Samsung made a giant leap and completely removed the physical home button, a trademark on many Samsung phones. The fingerprint scanner was relocated to the back of the Galaxy S8, next to the rear camera.
    • VMware: управление технологиями переходит от ?Т к другим отделам
      VMware опубликовала результаты нового исследования. Согласно ему, более двух третей (71%) руководителей полагают, что …
    • Во сколько обходится злоумышленникам организация DDoS-атак?
      Эксперты «Лаборатории Касперского» изучили предложения на черном рынке DDoS-услуг и выяснили, что DDoS-атаки сегодня …
    • IObit Malware Fighter 5 adds anti-ransomware engine, webcam protection
      After three months in beta IObit has shipped IObit Malware Fighter 5, the latest edition of its antivirus and security tool. Malware Fighter Pro users get an anti-ransomware engine which acts as a firewall for your file system. The program monitors accesses to your personal files and blocks everything but known and trusted applications, keeping your data safe. Pro users also get a new Camera Guard module which prevents unauthorized applications making sneaky use of your webcam. Malware Fighter F
    • Apple listens to developers, eradicates ?free’ imitation at App Store
      Developers. Apple cares about you and is improving its App Stores to make life better for you. That, it seems, is the message following the flurry of changes the company has made, changes that show it has heard and is responding to some of the problems developers moan about.Taking back controlThese changes have come into effect
    • Ringier Axel Springer Media AG покупает оператора рекрутинговых сайтов CV Keskus OÜ у HeadHunter
      Группа компаний HeadHunter, игрок рынка интернет-рекрутмента, объявила о продаже 100% доли в CV Keskus OÜ...
    • Samsung DeX lets Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners turn their smartphones into a desktop
      Its something that Microsoft has already tried with Continuum, and now Samsung is ready to give it a bash: transforming a smartphone into a desktop. For the South Korean company, todays events in NYC and London are primarily about the launch of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, but this is certainly not all thats being revealed. The company also spoke about Samsung DeX, described as a way of "extending the smartphone to a desktop environment." What this means is that, with a DeX Station, Galaxy S8 a
    • Samsung unveils Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ -- heres what you need to know
      At the first Unpacked event of the year, Samsung today officially takes the wraps off its new flagships, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+. Theyre arguably the most important Android smartphones to launch this year, featuring drastic changes in terms of design and cutting-edge internals that set it apart from the competition. The highlight of the Galaxy S8 line is the display, a 5.8-inch panel on the standard model and a 6.2-inch screen on the plus version. Both are taller than before, with an as
    • Specs Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S8+
      Samsung’s mobile chief took the stage today during the Unpacked 2017 event to announce the company’s first flagships. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are quite the same in terms of design, but they do have some notable differences. Over the past two years, we got used to seeing a flat Galaxy S smartphone, announced together with a dual-edge variant. But this year, Samsung decided to change the strategy completely and offer two smartphones with the same design, but different sizes.A 5.8-inch
    • Ссылка: Создание Firebird с использованием FireDAC
      С тех пор как FireDAC стал частью RAD Studio, и в моём блоге появилось несколько постов, посвященных данному продукту, меня время от времени спрашивают как сделать с помощью FireDAC те или иные вещи. При чем, в большинстве случаев вопрошающие пытаются переложить свой опыт использовани
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension
    • 5 reasons your next job interview may be challenging
      Do you know how much the Empire State Building weighs?That’s one question -- with no correct answer -- that Google famously asks during its notoriously difficult job interviews. Others include: “Name a brand that represents you as a person,” (Twitter); “How many h
    • An Angular 2 Modal Dialog with Advanced Functionality and Easy-use Features
      Presenting an advanced modal dialog service re-written in Angular 2 from the Angular 1.x version plus demonstrating the dialog uses and issue resolutions in details.
    • 25% off HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven - Deal Alert
      Hot Logic Mini averages 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 1,800 people (87% rate a full 5 stars: read recent reviews).  A cross between a lunch bag and an oven, this personal, portable cooker is great for the office, job site, the campsite, the car, or anywh
    • Privacy advocates plan to fight Congress repeal of ISP privacy rules
      Privacy advocates havent given up the fight after Congress voted to allow ISPs to sell customers browsing histories and other personal information without their permission.On Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted 215 to 205 to strike down ISP privacy regulations approved by the Federal Communications Commission only months ago. The Houses passage of a resolution of disapproval followed
    • Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Creators Update Launch Date
      ​Microsoft has just confirmed that the Windows 10 Creators Update will launch on April 11 for retail users, with the rollout to take place in stages to “ensure the best possible customer experience.”April 11 is also the day when Microsoft will release new security updates as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday cycle, so it’ll undoubtedly be one of the busiest days of the year for both the company and its users.The Windows 10 Creators Update will be released in stages and this means tha
    • Hands on with Dex, Samsungs bid to make your Galaxy S8 a desktop computer
      With powerful chips, tremendous graphics power, and a high-speed, versatile charging port, the Galaxy S8 is basically a handheld PC that fits in your pocket. The only thing that’s holding it back is its screen—and maybe a keyboard and mouse. While the S8+’s 6.2-inch display is nothing to scoff at, it still pales in compari
    • Anger as US internet privacy law scrapped
      "US internet service providers will soon no longer need consent from users to share browsing history with marketers and other third parties." http: / / www.bbc.com / news / technology-39427026
    • Samsung announces DeX dock for new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones
      Samsung introduced a docking device called DeX on Wednesday that will work with its next-generation smartphones also announced today at a New York event -- the Galaxy S8 and S8+.The big question for Samsung will be how many workers and companies decide to buy the DeX. It is designed to let an employee access app
    • These Are The 5 New Samsung S8 Features That Could Make You Ditch Your iPhone
      For the last few years, Apple has reliably trailed Samsung in releasing the latest and greatest premium smartphone features. And this morning, Samsung jumped out in front again with the official launch of its new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones.The new devices offer several features that the iPhone doesnt yet haveand some of them could really change (a
    • Whats in Samsungs Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones?
      Samsungs new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones -- officially announced today -- look beautiful, and are loaded with new features that could make an upgrade worthwhile.The handsets are superfast and 4K capable, and also herald the arrival of new technologies like Bluetooth 5 and LTE gigabit modems.[ Further reading:
    • New Mirai IoT variant launched 54-hour DDoS attack against a U.S. college
      A new variant of the Mirai IoT malware was spotted in the wild when it launched a 54-hour DDoS attack against an unnamed U.S. college.While the attack occurred on February 28, Imperva Incapsula is informing the world about it today. The researchers believe it is a new variant of Mirai, one that is “more adept at launching application layer assaults.”
    • Apple catches up with Google and allows developers to reply to reviews in the App Store
      With the launch of iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4, there was great excitement about the arrival of a new file system as well as improvements to performance -- even if they were only perceived improvements. Something that didn’t get a great deal of attention, however, is the introduction of replies to reviews. Just as has been an option in Google Play for years, developers can now respond to the reviews that people leave about their apps and games. Its something that has been a very long time comin
    • Стабильный релиз NTFS-3G и ntfsprogs 2017.3.23
      После года разработки сформирован стабильный выпуск пакета NTFS-3G 2017.3.23, включающего в себя свободный драйвер, работающий в пространстве пользователя с использованием механизма FUSE, и комплект утилит ntfsprogs для манипуляций с разделами NTFS. Код проекта распространяется под ли
    • Samsungs Galaxy S8 will make you forget about the Note 7 fiasco
      Say goodbye to flat smartphones -- at least, if youre a Samsung user. The most surprising part of todays Galaxy S8 and S8+ announcement is that Samsung included the Infinity Display on both its flagship devices. The slightly tapered edges arent as extreme as those found on the original S6 Edge, but they create a unique viewing experience and incorporate unobtrusive, quick-access menus.It was hard to miss the leaked images leading up to Samsungs announc
    • Hands on with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the phones that do everything
      Samsung is just killing it with hardware design lately, and with the Galaxy S8, the most impressive hardware in mobile steps it up a notch. The phone comes in two sizes: the regular S8 at 5.8 inches and the S8+ at 6.2 inches. And I never thought I would say this, but I prefer the big one. I actually want a phone with a display over 6 inches!Ill have to use the S8 a lot more to form an opinion about Samsungs latest software. But from the time I
    • Bank Of America: Ignore The Naysayers, We See A Double
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    • Samsung Introduces Galaxy S8 and S8+, featuring Infinity displays
      Samsung today unveiled the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ at an event in New York City. Both models feature the curved Infinity Display found on the Galaxy Note, marking the first time since the Galaxy S6 Edge was released that there wont be a flat version of Samsungs flagship smartphone.The Infinity Display isnt as dramatically curved as the display on the original Galaxy S6 Edge, which included more interactive features directly on the edges. Instead, the
    • IDG Contributor Network: The next generation of EHRs will be fundamentally different
      Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have come a long way. Over 80 percent of physicians use them in their offices, and nearly all hospitals have implemented EHRs as well. Spurred by the HITECH portion of the 2009 Recovery act, Meaningful Use has put money on the table for physicians and hospitals to adopt and use EHRs.It also defined what kinds of features an EHR must have in order to be Certified. Legacy systems took on these new requirements by adding t
    • IDG Contributor Network: Swearing Trojan malware in China heralds things to come in the U.S.
      National politics being what they are, the news in our part of the world is rather narrow and self-absorbed these days. Thus, the media here wasn’t too impressed by a story out of China a few days ago about a piece of malware called Swearing Trojan. Named for some Chinese profanity embedded in comments in the code, Swearing
    • Обновление Firefox 52.0.2
      Доступен корректирующий выпуск Firefox 52.0.2 в котором устранено несколько не связанных с безопасностью ошибок.
    • Google Puts All Its Open-Source Projects in One Place
      Google has launched a new website where you can check out all the free and open-source software it has created over the years. The company has strong ties to open-source software and it has never forgotten its roots. This year alone the company has open-sourced Chrome for iOS, a new file-sharing system called Upspin, E2EMail, which is an experimental end-to-end email encryption, and the Guetzli JPEG encoder. "Free and open-source software has been part of our technical and organizational f
    • Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Make Their Worldwide Debut
      The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us, as Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S8 and S8+, this year’s flagships that will replace the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge at the forefront of Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup.  Samsung finally held the Unpacked 2017 event in New York City at 11 a.m. (EDT), at the David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center. The South Korean company also scheduled a similar event at the Here East (2012 Olympic Press and Broadcast Centre) in London at 5PM CET. Moreo
    • Windows 10s next major update arrives April 11
      After months of waiting, beta tests, and trickles of information about new features, the next major update for Windows 10 will arrive on April 11. Microsoft announced Wednesday that the Creators Update, as it’s known, will start rolling out to users of the company’s latest operating system in roughly two weeks.The update includes a slew of new features, including changes to the Microsoft Edge browser, improvements to gaming on Windows 10 and more f
    • РКК «Энергия» рассказала об особенностях космического корабля «Федерация»
      Начальник лётно-испытательного отдела РКК Энергия Марк Серов в интервью ТАСС поведал о некоторых особенностях конструкции будущего космического корабля Федерация. Напомним, что Федерация это российский корабль нового поколения. Он созда
    • Google: Android Ransomware Affects Less than 0.0001% of Official Installations
      Getting infected with Android ransomware is unlikely, Google says. In fact, youre more likely to get hit by lightning twice than to get infected. Of course, that may not seem like its the case with all the infected apps that get reported after managing to make their way into the Play Store, but it seems to be the actual truth. "Since 2015, less than 0.00001 percent of installations from Google Play, and less than .01 percent of installations from sources other than Google Play, were catego
    • Advanced HTTP Hacking Webinar Code
      You can find all the code from my HTTP webinar in my special HTTP folder. [Project source code] This is the script I use to demonstrate HTTP Range requests through Telnet. Just copy and paste each block of code (including Continue reading
    • Смарт-часы MyKronoz ZeTime с настоящими стрелками на сенсорном дисплее
      Главным недостатком смарт-часов можно считать недостаточное время их автономного функционирования. Промежуточным решением проблемы стал подкласс гибридной носимой электроники, представляющей собой внешне традиционные наручные часы с набором встроенных датчиков
    • 3D-распечатка «заплат» для печени может начаться в 2020 году
      Ткани, распечатываемые на аппаратах Organovo, уже применяются ведущими фармацевтическими компаниями для доклинических испытаний новых лекарственных средств.
    • More Ergonomics
      It turns out I write quite a bit about ergonomics, and those are some of my most popular posts which is surprising but not too surprising since that is one thing that affects everyone.Desk Ergonomics - Every Diagram on the internet is wrong!Make the Apple Magic Trackpad Ergonomic
      Often I hear developers claim that they need production data in order to properly tune their queries. There are a couple of reasons that they believe this. The most important one is likely because the execution plans generated in a development environment...The post DBCC CLONEDATABASE appeared first on SQL Hammer.
    • Galaxy S8 дает Samsung шанс реабилитироваться
      После катастрофического провала смартфонов Galaxy Note7, которые перегревались и даже взрывались из-за дефектных батарей, S8 станет шансом Samsung восстановить пошатнувшуюся репутацию.
    • Introverts: Powerfully Quiet and Quietly Powerful
      As introverts, we can learn to function and succeed quite well on this loud planet. How so? You might ask. I found a few answers for you right here, in the Help Files issue for introverts.
    • [PHP] Status for on and off with color.
      Hi Guys,I have a form and a table and at the moment I have a status column where the input is just text so "on" or "off" is put in. I was hoping to make the table show a green or red circle for being on or off and use a radio button to select if it is on in the table. I have tried looking for this but havnt had any luck on the color side of the problem.here is my code for the table:` / / display data in tableecho "
    • StyleControls VCL v.3.67
      StyleControls VCL is a powerfull package of components, which uses Classic drawing, system Themes, GDI+ and VCL Styles. This package contains the unique solutions to extend standard VCL controls and also has many unique, advanced controls to create Windows 10 Modern UI Applications (UWP design). Also with this package you can really improve applying and using of VCL Styles in your application.Features: * set of controls to create Windows 10 Modern UI Applications (UWP design) * support of class
    • ANN: Documentation Insight supports Tokyo 10.2
      Documentation Insight includes * Support Delphi 10.2 Tokyo * Support identifiers like op_implicit http: / / www.devjetsoftware.com / downloads /
    • Microsoft announces Windows 10 Creators Update coming April 11
      We knew that the Windows 10 Creators Update was coming in April, but now we finally have an official release date. Microsoft today reveals that the big new update will begin to roll out to users around the world from April 11. And that’s not the only news. SEE ALSO: How to instantly remove most ads from Windows 10 Microsoft also announces that Surface Book and Surface Studio are coming to new markets, and Surface Hub customers will receive Windows 10 Creators Update to make the Hub even more p
    • New Mirai Variant Used in 54-Hour DDoS Attack Against US College
      A new Mirai variant was discovered in the wild, being used to launch a 54-hour DDoS attack against a US college. Although researchers over at Incapsula spotted the attack as it happened, theyre only just reporting on it. It seems that the attack started on February 28 and ran for 54 hours straight, targeting a US college, which is one of the companys customers. The average traffic flow was of 30,000 requests per second (RPS), although it did peak at around 37,000 RPS, which is the most th
    • Palit представила твердотельные накопители для повседневных задач и игр
      Компания Palit Microsystems анонсировала твердотельные (SSD) накопители семейств UV-S Series и GF-S Series, которые подходят для использования в настольных компьютерах, ноутбуках и ультрабуках. Новые устройства хранения данных выполнены в 2,5-дюймовом форм-факторе; толщина корпуса соста
    • This Neighborhood Is Transforming By Letting Artists Buy Its Vacant Homes For Cheap
      For artists, the gentrification cycle in cities often goes something like this: struggling photographers or painters or writers move into an industrial neighborhood with cheaper rents and transform it. As new businesses spring up to serve these new residents, the neighborhood becomes more desirable to a wider swath of upper-middle class professionals. Eventually, rents increase so much that the artists have to move away.In Indianapolis, one block in the Garfield Park neighborhood sout
    • ФАС: тарифы операторов на смс-рассылки не соответствуют закону
      ФАС нашла признаки нарушения антимонопольного законодательства в деле против мобильных операторов — МТС, «МегаФона», «ВымпелКома», «Т2 Мобайл» и еще ряда других. Компаниям грозит штраф до 2 млрд руб., их также могут обязать пересмотреть тарифы.
    • Россиян заставят докладывать властям обо всех, кто мог бы взять их смартфон
      Абонентам услуг связи придется раскрыть операторам имена всех лиц, пользующихся их устройствами с идентификационными модулями. Соответствующий проект правил готовит Минкомсвязи в рамках исполнения требования «закона Яровой».
    • Consumers are ready for chatbots but companies arent using them
      The majority of consumers are comfortable talking with a chatbot yet only a fraction have engaged with one, according to a new report. The study by mobile engagement specialist Vibes shows that over 60 percent of consumers would feel comfortable talking with a chatbot, yet only 22 percent have actually done so. "Consumers are open to engaging with brands on mobile in a way that is unlike any other channel," says Jack Philbin, co-founder and CEO of Vibes. "While consumers carefully control how br
    • NBN says it has ?zero tolerance’ over leaks
      NBN says that it takes seriously “any potential crime or breach of employee code of conduct, such as the theft of company materials, and will continue to take a zero tolerance approach in the best interests of the company, its shareholders, and the Australian taxpayers.”
    • AMD: Worth Over $15
      ...read more
    • Монитор ASUS VG245Q обладает временем отклика 1 мс и поддержкой FreeSync
      В семействе игровых мониторов ASUS пополнение: дебютировала модель VG245Q на основе 24-дюймовой матрицы TN с разрешением 19201080 пикселей (формат Full HD). Новинка обладает временем отклика 1 мс (Gray to Gray). Поддерживается технология динамической вертикальной синхрониза
    • IDG Contributor Network: How to learn Unix / Linux
      Every month or two, someone asks me how they should go about learning Unix. The short answer is always "use it" or maybe as much as "use it -- a lot."But the detailed answer includes a lot of steps and a good amount of commitment to spending time working on the command line. I may have learned some of the most important parts of making my way on the Unix command line the first week that I used it back in the early 80s but I had to spend a lot of time w
    • Антивирусные продукты Dr.Web развернуты в компьютерной сети Тульского областного онкологического диспансера
      Компания «Доктор Веб» сообщает о внедрении несигнатурного антивируса Dr.Web Katana Business Edition в компьютерной сети Тульского областного …
    • Understand permissions needed to run remote PowerShell
      Understand permissions required to run remote PowerShellread more
    • iVengo Mobile увеличила выручку по итогам 2016 года в 2,5 раза
      Группа компаний Vengo Group, специализирующаяся на мобильных технологиях и объединяющая активы в сфере digital-рекламы...
    • Управление технологиями переходит от ?Т к другим отделам
      По мнению 71% руководителей, управление технологиями переходит от ?Т к другим отделам.Бизнес-направления берут под контроль развитие технологий …
    • Bid Brain Can Change the Way Students Apply to College
      Colleges have devised formulas and pricing matrices that determine how much discounting from the full price to give to each student, with the discount related in some cases to academic achievement, in other cases to diversity concerns, or to the student’s financial situation.
    • Ботнет в аренду: «Лаборатория Касперского» выяснила, во сколько обходится злоумышленникам организация DDoS-атак
      Эксперты «Лаборатории Касперского» изучили предложения на черном рынке DDoS-услуг и выяснили, что DDoS-атаки сегодня становятся все более недорогим и …
    • Where Europe Outperforms: Private Equity Investment
      Investors who choose European companies carefully and manage currency exposure can thrive despite, or even because of, potential fractures and turmoil ahead.
    • WWE WrestleMania 33s Super Expensive Set Design Could Be Greatest Ever
      Construction for the WWE WrestleMania 33 set design is underway in Orlando, Florida and WWE has spared no expense in building one of its greatest sets ever, roller coaster and all.
    • Apple iOS 10.3: Should You Upgrade?
      Apple iOS 10.3 is here with major new features, but should you upgrade?
    • ASUS DSL-AC68 Routers Get a New Firmware - Download Version
      ASUS has rolled out a new firmware package compatible with its DSL-AC68U and DSL-AC68R wireless router, namely version, which removes a few weak SSH ciphers, adds setting source IP in port forwarding rule, and more.Specifically speaking, this update improves CSRF protection on the login page, removes unnecessary contents in some XML endpoints, enhances G.INP control for UK ISP Sky Broadband, and fixes Smart Sync-related issues.In addition to that, build 380.7361 enhances cro
    • Three Modern Ways To Recruit, Hire & Engage Top Talent
      Turnover can be detrimental to a companys productivity and performance, so finding and retaining inspired talent is key to success.
    • Electric Grid Modernization: We Dont Really Need You, Mr. President
      Proactive states and utilities can achieve a clean, affordable, and reliable power system without the White House, taking advantage of new technologies and a diverse portfolio of electricity sources.
    • Five Strategies For Turning Your Employee Training Into A Game
      As peoples attentions spans wane, could games be a solution for improving staffs retention and productivity?
    • Seven Essential Steps for Transitioning to Enterprise DevOps
      If you are thinking about doing DevOps also think in terms of starting small, getting executive buy-in, and not reinventing the wheel.
    • How Slyde Handboards Is Dominating The Bodysurfing Market
      A leaders guide to the bodysurfing industry.
    • In 15 Years, Millions Of People Will Give Up Their Cars For Autonomous Ride Hailing
      In L.A.where commuters each spent an average of 104 hours stuck in traffic in 2016most people drive to work alone. But in 15 years, a new report estimates, more than 2 million of them may have given up their cars.We were very aware that the first time cities met
    • The Evolving Executive: Five Skills All Modern CEOs Should Have
      These five skills are crucial to C-suite success in our fast-changing business landscape.
    • The Power Of Cash As A Tactical Asset
      Cash is potential buying power and provides the manager with flexibility when conditions change too.
    • Смартфон Lenovo K6 Note: модель средней ценовой категории с длительным временем автономной работы
      Скорее всего, Lenovo K6 Note не станет легендой, как его знаменитый предок К3 Note. Смартфон не дешевый, при цене в 20 тысяч рублей имеет весьма неплохой экран и великолепную автономность, но в то же время аппаратная платформа
    • Toshiba объявила о банкротстве своей «дочки» — главного конкурента «Росатома»
      Westinghouse Electric – дочернее предприятие Toshiba, подало в США заявку о банкротстве. Заявление прозвучало на фоне прогноза многомиллиардных убытков Toshiba в заканчивающемся финансовом году компании.
    • What It Means To Be A Goal Manager
      Try setting one goal for everyone on your team to work toward.
    • Controlling software through containers and microservices
      Businesses want to move faster, develop more software, and deploy software and updates more often, but to do this in a traditional software architecture is a lot to put on developers. In order to ease the pain, more businesses and developers are turning to containers. A software container is a way to package software in continue readingThe post
    • Призрак уже рядом!
      Завтра четверг, поэтому будем знакомиться с обновлениями в репертуаре наших кинотеатров.
    • S-Town podcast review (and 5 things to listen for as you binge) - CNET
      The team behind the megahit podcast "Serial" is back with a new show that can be devoured in one sitting. Heres our spoiler-free cheat sheet. Hope you like steampunk.
    • RRC получила премию Splunk Partner+ Award 2017
      Компания RRC признана Дистрибьютором года в странах Европы, Ближнего Востока и Африки (EMEA) за выдающиеся результаты.
    • Costco And Target - Loving One, Hating One, Buying Neither
      ...read more
    • Малому бизнесу в помощь: учет клиентской базы – преимущества работы в программе онлайн
      С ростом современных технологий возрастает актуальность их использования на предприятиях для повышения эффективности функционирования бизнеса. Программа «1С УНФ: Управление небольшой фирмой» используется уже многими руководителями компаний для максимизации и оптимиз
    • Microsoft releases patches for botched Windows WPD driver
      Back on March 8, Microsoft released a bad update that immediately crashed many systems and rendered others incapable of communicating with attached devices such as phones and Android devices.Yesterday, three weeks after the meltdown, Microsoft released three patches that claim to solve the problems. 
    • DDoS-атаки становятся бизнесом
      «Лаборатория Касперского» выяснила, что DDoS-атаки становятся все более недорогим и эффективным инструментом для злоумышленника: стоимость их организации составляет 7 долл. в час, заказчик же в среднем платит 25 долл. в час.
    • With IRS, Ask Forgiveness Not Permission
      Sometimes asking the IRS for forgiveness can be more tax savvy than asking for advance permission.
    • The Remake of Stephen Kings It Now Has a Trailer And You Now Have Nightmares
      WHAT: The terrifying first trailer for the long-gestating remake of Stephen Kings It.WHO: Director Andrs Muschietti, and a cast of mostly unknown child actors.WHY WE CARE: For a long time, it seemed as if the most interesting thing about this project would be the behind-the-scenes drama. Hot off the z
    • Сегодня отмечается День свободы документов
      В последнюю среду марта традиционно отмечается "День свободы документов", в который по всему миру проводятся мероприятия, направленные на продвижение среди пользователей открытых стандартов и открытых форматов. Хранение документов в открытых форматах позволяет избавит
    • 10 Ways To Prepare For Gen Z In The Workplace
      Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, company executive or even just a middle manager looking to better understand the next wave of employees, here are 10 simple ways you can effectively prepare the next generation for the working world.
    • Mathieu Bittons Stunning Leica Exhibit Blends A Love Of Photography And Black Culture
      Theres no plaque or certificate to verify this, but Mathieu Bitton is pretty sure his home is the worlds smallest Black History museum.Over a wide-ranging career that spans album cover art direction, filmmaking, photography, and being Lenny Kravitzs personal creative director, Bittons creative catalyst has always been deeply rooted in African-American culture, which may seem strange given the fact that Bitton is neither American nor blac
    • Library of Congress Names New Aural Treasures: Over The Rainbow, The Wiz and Straight Outta Compton
      Anytime you can get the best of the Eagles, any song by Barbra Streisand, gospel hit "Ill Fly Away" and tracks by N.W.A. on the same music hot list? That is a very good day. We can thank the Library of Congress for that.
    • NASA поможет в разработке самоуправляемых автомобилей
      Национальное управление США по воздухоплаванию и исследованию космического пространства (NASA) примет участие в исследованиях, связанных с разработкой технологий для самоуправляемых автомобилей. Сообщается, что принадлежащий NASA Космический центр имени Кеннеди во Фл
    • American Enterprise Is Unhealthy: To Remain Relevant, Focus On Your Organizations Identity
      We must get healthy in the workplace and marketplace and inject an innovation mentality of abundance and opportunity into even our most mature industries so that they and we can grow sustainably and evolve. This requires an immediate focus on serving the unique needs of the individual.
    • Watch the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch live, here
      As you’ll know, today is a big day for Samsung, as it will be taking the wraps off its latest, and greatest flagship smartphone. This is a massive launch for the South Korean tech giant, following the well documented problems with the Galaxy Note7. There have been a lot of leaks surrounding the Galaxy S8, so you’ll probably have a good idea of what it looks like (see above), and what features it will offer, but even so the launch is guaranteed to be interesting. The new device will offer an
    • Singapore: The Dark Horse of Fintech
      My recent articles have focused Brexit and European countries and what leaving the European Union means for UK fintech as a whole. However, I’ve always believed that the country that has the most potential to become fintech center of the world is Singapore.
    • Цифровые преобразования будут главной задачей бизнеса в ближайшие два года
      В ближайшие два года цифровая трансформация станет основной задачей для компаний. С помощью нее предприятия пытаются найти новые бизнес-модели и открыть другие источники доходов.
    • Are Nordstroms Recent Job Cuts A Sign Of A Bigger Issue?
      Nordstroms recent decision to eliminate 106 customer care positions wouldnt be so noteworthy except that its online sales are up, which would typically result in more emails, online chats and phone calls.
    • BMW 5 Series: Get the small engine, ignore cylinder snobs​ (CNET On Cars, Ep. 108)​ video - Roadshow
      5 Series plus 4 cylinders is beautiful math, the evidence mounts that people are done with driving, and Cooleys Top 5 electric SUVs.
    • Drake Has Broken Even More Charting Records As Every Song On More Life Debuts
      Drake shatters the records for the most debuts in one week and the most songs featured on the Hot 100 from a single album.
    • This Latina Gave Up Law To Start A Beauty Line, Heres What Shes Learned
      Regina Merson started Reina Rebelde with one goal in mind —give Latinas a beauty line that really spoke to them.
    • ITPA threatens to ?out’ abusers of 457 visa scheme
      The IT Professionals Association (ITPA), which represents some 7000 IT workers in systems administration and IT support roles, has called for greater transparency in the 457 visa scheme. The organisation says it has evidence that the scheme is being abused to hire people on lower salaries and into roles that could easily be filled locally.
    • Russian hacker pleads guilty for get-rich-quick botnet - CNET
      Malware was used to compromise thousands of computer servers around the world and generate millions in fraudulent payments.
    • Softline обеспечила банк «Ассоциация» гибкой и производительной системой хранения данных
      Softline поставила коммерческому банку «Ассоциация» систему хранения данных NetApp. В результате заказчик модернизировал IТ-инфраструктуру и обеспечил бесперебойную работу автоматизированной банковской системы и системы виртуализации.
    • Видео: LG запустила первую ТВ-рекламу G6 накануне анонса Galaxy S8
      LG надеется, что после анонса Samsung Galaxy S8 её новый флагманский смартфон G6 не уйдёт в тень в массовом сознании потребителей. Оба корейских аппарата похожи благодаря тонким рамкам вокруг экрана со скруглёнными краями. Каждый имеет собственные преимущества в случае LG
    • Quick Tip: Easily Get System Information with These Two Windows Commands
      If you’re looking for system information in Windows 10, there’s no doubt that the easiest way to access basic details is to open the dedicated About screen in the Settings app.But on the other hand, power users who enjoy working with Command Prompt or PowerShell can get all the information with two simple commands, one of which displays all system information without even launching a different application.First and foremost, you can easily open the System Information app integrated into
    • Capture Program using GDI
      Capture program using GDI
    • [Блог] В будущем году к онлайн-продажам ОСАГО могут быть допущены посредники
      Число продаж e-ОСАГО растет. По данным РСА с января по март текущего года было заключено свыше 620-ти тыс. договоров …
    • Юбилей компании ЛайтНэт
      18 марта 2017 года компания «ЛайтНэт» отметила 20-летний юбилей своей деятельности на рынке высоких технологий. За эти годы компания стала одним из ...
    • David Cameron may have lobbied for Uber while PM, says report - CNET
      While he was UK prime minister, Cameron may have lobbied Londons Mayor on behalf of the ride-hailing service, says the Daily Mail.
    • 2017-03-29 - Alvas.Audio
      Spring... Its a perfect time to make a Gift!We are happy to offer you a discount on Alvas.Audio Lifetime Single and Lifetime Team licenses.Please enter coupon code"lifetime62" and get 62% discount. Valid till 30 April 2017. Alvas.Audio Single and Team licenses. Enter "plus1year" and get +1 year free updates(up to 42% discount).
    • Intel предложила 22-нм «аналог» техпроцесса 14 нм FinFET
      Вертикальные транзисторы FinFET обладают лучшими характеристиками, чем планарные элементы. Однако выпуск недорогих массовых полупроводников структуры FinFET по 14-нм нормам — это очень дорогое уд
    • WindowBlinds 10.6 Released with Windows 10 Creators Update Support
      WindowBlinds has just received a major update that brings full support for the Windows 10 Creators Update, thus giving you the option to fully customize the look of the operating system even if you install the new OS version that Microsoft is planning to release early next month.WindowBlinds was, is, and will continue to be one of the most advanced UI customization tools for Windows, coming with a long series of features that includes everything from visual style to taskbar look and wallpaper.
    • BrandPost: Machine Learning and Real-Time Analytics at Strata + Hadoop World Conference San Jose
      Machine Learning and Real-Time Analytics at Strata + Hadoop World Conference San JoseAnother great Strata+Hadoop World Conference took place in San Jose the week of March 13, 2017. Topics covered included mostly Apache Hadoop projects, but a great deal of the attention was put toward machine learning and real-time analytics.I can particularly appreciate the importance of real-time analytics in the present digital transformation
    • Protection from the inside out
      In the workplace your best assets - your employees - are also your biggest risk.
    • В Японии с контрабандой будет бороться искусственный интеллект и дроны
      Японское министерство, контролирующее таможню, в финансовом 2017 году начнёт полевые испытания искусственного интеллекта и дронов для борьбы с контрабандой, планируя полностью внедрить такую ​​технологию в преддверии Олимпийских игр 2020 года. В настоящее время тамож
    • Forum Post: RE: How to access to Silk Central with various languages
      Hi Oliver, When you start Silk Central you have to decide which language you are running. This is a server wide setting, the language does not change due to the browser setting. Regards, Hubert
    • Oracle Linux 6.9 Released with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 4.1.12, TLS 1.2
      Oracle announced today, March 28, 2017, the release and general availability of the Oracle Linux 6.9 operating system, the ninth update to the Oracle Linux 6 stable series.Prominent features of Oracle Linux 6.9 include support for TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.2 on all system components, along with vsftpd support for TLS 1.2 and auditd support for incremental_async, implementation of the cpuid utility supporting AMD, Intel, and VIA CPUs, improved SSSD (System Security Services Daemon) suppo
    • Phishing Campaign Promises Free In-Game Pets to World of Warcraft Players
      World of Warcraft is by far one of the most popular games in the world, so its really not that surprising that a new phishing campaign is trying to lure users by promising free in-game pets. The discovery was made by researchers at Malwarebytes Labs who claim to have noticed two variations of this phishing campaign, although there are probably more out there that have gone undetected thus far. This is just a simple reminder that while free stuff is always nice in game, chances are you may
    • Wink joins up with Google Home for Assistant
      Like Amazon Echo, Google Home is a device that can answer your questions, play music, and control home automation tasks. Its a handy thing to have around if you dont mind Google listening to you on a regular basis. Now the device is gaining a bit more operability. Thanks to its announced update of the Weave platform, it can now work with the Wink home automation hub. SEE ALSO: Google Wifi and Home to launch in the UK -- with a few hidden British treats The company announces "Starting today, we
    • Verizon Waves Goodbye to Windows Phones
      Verizon has never been a big supporter of Windows phones, so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the US carrier finally decided to stop selling devices powered by Microsoft’s mobile operating system.The Lumia 735, which was the only Windows phone available at Verizon, is no longer up for grabs and the carrier is only listing Android and iOS devices in its store, as Neowin spotted.With the removal of this old Lumia, Verizon pretty much says goodbye to Windows phones completely, as no
    • Tesla employee sues the company over harassment - CNET
      Staffer alleges that co-workers regularly used racially disparaging language toward him.
    • Ubers Diversity Report Shows It Has Much In Common with Rest of Tech Industry
      Time and time again Uber has come under fire for having a male-heavy workforce, especially in leadership positions. Now that its first diversity report has been published, we can all clearly see that things arent that much different at Uber than at other tech companies. According to the report, 36% of Ubers employees are women at a global level. When it comes to leadership roles, however, only 22% of positions went to women, while only 15% of tech jobs did the same. Other companies in the ind
    • My Prized REIT Possessions
      ...read more
    • New enterprise platform streamlines getting business intelligence from big data
      Although big data is currently all the rage, extracting meaningful business intelligence from it can prove costly and time consuming. Data acceleration company Jethro is launching its latest platform offering an all-in-one enterprise solution that combines the power of indexing architecture with auto-cubes to accelerate extracting business intelligence from big data. Jethro 3.0 eliminates costly and labor-intensive data engineering tasks such as pre-aggregating tables, manually building cubes, o
    • Future Intel CPUs could be cobbled together using different parts
      Today’s processors, made using a single continuous slab of silicon, may soon give way to multiple chips interconnected at high speeds, Intel said Tuesday morning.Intel said its new Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge, or EMIB, technology would let a 22nm chip connect to a 10nm chip and a 14nm chip, all on the same processor.“For example, we can mix high-performance blocks of silicon and IP together with low-power elements made from differ
    • Samsung Galaxy S8 на всех может не хватить
      До официальной премьеры новых флагманских смартфонов Samsung остаются считанные часы, но поклонников южнокорейского бренда, которые вознамерились приобрести Galaxy S8 и S8+ сразу же после старта их продаж, возможно, ждёт разочарование. По данным индустриальных источников, о
    • Hybrid Cloud Storage Delivers Performance and Value
    • Ericsson представил новую стратегию бизнеса
      Сфокусированная бизнес-стратегия и повышение внутренней эффективности, которые должны привести к увеличению операционной прибыли и операционной …
    • House pulls the plug on internet privacy rules - CNET
      Consumer advocates say this means broadband providers will sell your browsing history to the highest bidder. Industry groups say it preserves competition.
    • The real cost of downtime
      One of the best things about today? Stuff just works. Consider the hours you once spent tapping your pen to the tune of broadband dial-up. And what about blowing on your Sega cartridge to get the game to load? These are a thing of the past. Nowadays, super-smart digital devices line our pockets. They’re practical, adaptable, our own personal portals that transport us instantly to anywhere our hearts desire. One minute you’re reconnecting with long-lost friends on Facebook, the next you’re
    • BrandPost: Night of the Living Dead Workloads
      By Paul Miller, HPE Vice President of Marketing, Software-defined and Cloud GroupWhat do storage administrators fear? It’s not vampires, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls, or even Michael Myers (the gigantic masked menace of Halloween fame, not Austin Powers). Storage and compute admins fear zombies – or more specifically, zombie workloads. Zombie workloads are unused, forgotten, and for all intents and purposes, dead. However, they can take o
    • Urbanears Stammen Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
      Swedish headphone maker Urbanears is venturing into the wireless speaker realm with its Baggen and Stammen "connected" speakers.
    • Цифровая трансформации бизнеса в России отстает от мировых показателей
      Для того, чтобы оценить прогресс и перспективы такого явления, как цифровая трансформация бизнеса, компания Hitachi …
    • Landata подвела итоги сотрудничества с Eaton в 2016 году
      Landata подвела итоги сотрудничества с компанией Eaton в 2016 году, поставщиком решений для управления …
    • House votes to undo broadband privacy rules
      The U.S. House of Representatives has followed the Senate in voting to repeal privacy rules that can prevent broadband providers from selling customers’ internet-browsing histories and other data without their permission.On Tuesday, the House voted 215-205 to do away with the privacy rules that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission
    • US House votes to undo broadband privacy rules
      The U.S. House of Representatives has followed the Senate in voting to repeal privacy rules that can prevent broadband providers from selling customers’ internet-browsing histories and other data without their permission.On Tuesday, the House voted 215-205 to do away with the privacy rules that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission
    • Facebook Stories: 10 things to know about the Snapchat-like feature - CNET
      Theres a new way to share your life on Facebook and it looks a lot like Snapchat... Heres whats different about Stories and how to use it.
    • Ericsson намерена придерживаться более сфокусированной бизнес-стратегии
      Компания Ericsson объявила о намерении придерживаться более сфокусированной бизнес-стратегии, позволяющей ускорить …
    • Facebook copies Snapchat Stories (again)-- but why?
      Facebook has gotten really good at copying Snapchat.So good, in fact, that it is doing it again, adding a Stories-like feature into yet another of its apps. But why does Facebook keep doing this, and what does it mean for users?In IT Blogwatch, we share our story. So what is going on? Elyse Betters shares some background:
    • How to Generate Installer using Wix#
      Generate .msi setup file using wix#
    • New High-Res Oculus Home For Gear VR Boosts The Mobile Experience
      Until not that long ago, there were two big differences between high-end consumer virtual reality systems like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and mobile systems like Samsungs Gear VRonly the (much) more expensive headsets offered crisp, clear graphics and incorporated users hands.That meant that the more costly systems offered a richer VR experienceeverything from wielding a lightsaber to grabbing a ladder as you ascend an icy face on Mount Everest to cont
    • Samsungs Galaxy S8 And S8+ Smartphones: My First 14 Impressions And Questions
      In 2015, Samsung released the Galaxy S6, a phone that was mostly about refinement. It upped the companys industrial-design chops, rolled back its previous tendency to add bloat to the Android operating system, and ensured that the phones camera was among the best the smartphone world had to offer. Samsung followed that phone up with 2016s
    • IDG Contributor Network: How businesses can prepare for an AI future
      For the past few years, analysts, politicians, and other thinkers have fretted about the potential impact of a “robot revolution” which could see AI drive humans out of the workforce. The LA Times recently reported that robots could take over 38 percent of current human jobs within 15 years, and we have seen AI steadily move into new fields such as la
    • Wall Street Breakfast: U.K. Pulls Article 50 Trigger
      ...read more
    • IDG Contributor Network: Best tech tools to help marketers on a budget
      If a business wants to make money, it needs to first spend money. As often as entrepreneurs hear those words, though, it’s impossible to spend money they don’t have. Whether a business is just getting started or trying to scale to the next level, at least a small expense is necessary to get the word out and generate revenue.In today’s software-supported business world, the good news is that entrepreneurs can accomplish quite a bit with a limited
    • Feds to battle cybersecurity with analytics
      For the federal government to better secure its information systems and support cybersecurity in the private sector, departments and agencies will need to dramatically improve the way they collect, analyze and share information about emerging threats, current and former government officials are cautioning.At a government IT conference convened by Akamai, a content delivery and cloud service provider, officials stressed the importance of casting a wide
    • Insecure security cameras sound like a joke, but aren’t
      Reports recently surfaced that Google was alerted to security holes in its IoT security camera products and declined to patch them. This was quite frightening for two reasons. First, the fix was apparently straightforward, and second, the hole was readily and easily available to burglars with even a modicum of tech savviness.Meanwhile, eBay seems to be encouraging users to downgrade t
    • «МегаФон» расширяет функционал услуг «Видеоконференции» и «Вебинар»
      Во всех филиалах компании «МегаФон» стали доступны услуги «Видеоконференции» и «Вебинар» с расширенным функционалом …
    • Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available to pre-order starting March 29
      In less than 24 hours, Samsung will take the wraps off the much-awaited Galaxy S8.The South Korean maker is expected to announcetwo models, onefeaturing a 5.8-inch screen and a larger 6.2-inch version, and make them available to pre-order shortly after -- what we dont know exactly is when. Rumors suggest that the Galaxy S8 will actually be offered for pre-order on launch day, at least in some markets, which would make sense given the fact that Samsung did the same thing last ye
    • Lenovo ThinkStation P320 is an entry-level VR-ready PC - CNET
      Coming in two sizes, its expected to hit stores in April.
    • Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs. Google Pixel: Which Ad Framed It Better?
      The Galaxy S8 is set to be perhaps Samsungs biggest product release of the year, so it should come as a surprise to no one that the brand will have a major global marketing campaign for its latest and greatest. We found a sneak peek of it in this new, five-second Unbox Your Phone spot.Butterflies, trees, birds chirping. Cool.But there was something e
    • ASUS объявила о поддержке накопителей Intel Optane
      Совсем недавно началась эра накопителей, основанных на принципиально новом типе твердотельной энергонезависимой памяти Intel 3D XPoint. В отличие от традиционной памяти NAND, 3D XPoint имеет существенно больший срок жизни и не теряет производительности по мере заполнения н
    • Two-factor authentication: How and why to use it - CNET
      Find out how two-factor authentication works, why you should use it and how to set it up
    • Очередная встреча сообщества RuHaskell
      6 апреля сообщество RuHaskell и Лаборатория Касперского вновь приглашают всех заинтересованных на встречу, чтобы обсудить Haskell и другие языки в функциональной парадигме, поделиться опытом их применения в решении прикладных задач.Дмитрий Зуйков в докладе &#171
    • OpenMotif 2.3.7
      Спустя 9 месяцев разработки (предыдущая версия, 2.3.6, была выпущена в июне 2016 года) вышла новая версия библиотеки OpenMotif.Напомню, что OpenMotif это одна из старейших библиотек для построения GUI, использующая механизм X Toolkit Intri
    • Новости тестирования за вторую половину марта
      Вышел выпуск рассылки за вторую половину марта, его содержание доступно по ссылке.Как всегда в выпуске рассылкисобраны ссылки на новые статьи, с
    • Как ускорить развёртывание IoT-проектов в корпоративном окружении?
      Нил Босуорт (Neil Bosworth), руководитель подразделения Gemalto M2M в Великобритании, рассказал, как можно ускорить …
    • A new home for Google Open Source
      From the Official Blog (https: / / opensource.googleblog.com / 2017 / 03 / a-new-home-for-google-open-source.html): ---Quote--- Free and open source software has been part of our technical and...
    • Экспертиза «Астерос» подтверждена новыми наградами Avaya
      Группа «Астерос» признана лучшим партнером Avaya по построению систем унифицированных корпоративных коммуникаций и интеллектуальных контакт-центров …
    • [Блог] Хакеры научились взламывать смартфоны через зарядку
      В последние несколько лет безопасность персональных данных на мобильных устройствах является одной из самых обсуждаемых …
    • [Блог] В России «узаконили» Windows
      «Шеф, всё пропало». Примерно такими словами встретили Постановление Правительства Российский Федерации № 325 от 23 …
    • QIWI за современные способы коммуникации!
      В офисе компании QIWI внедрено корпоративное ТВ.Для корпоративного ТВ QIWI компания DigiSky использовала в общей сложности 10 профессиональных …
    • Raytheon Is A Buy - Cramers Lightning Round (3 / 28 / 2017)
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    • Tinder Launches New Web App
      Walking in the footsteps of so many messaging apps, Tinder has decided that it wants to take its service to the desktop too via a web app. "Introducing Tinder Online: a fun, new web experience and your English professor’s worst nightmare. Mobile phones not allowed in class? Just fire up your laptop and swipe incognito. Cubicle life got you down? Now you can toggle between spreadsheets and Super Likes in a flash. “Not Enough Storage?” Not a problem. Don’t let life get in the way of you
    • Дешёвые китайские смартфоны рискуют остаться в прошлом
      Хорошие и относительно недорогие китайские смартфоны это не только Xiaomi или Meizu. На рынке представлено несколько десятков брендов из Поднебесной, которые выпускают очень похожие друг на друга устройства, привлекающие к себе внимание лишь ценниками. Но и этого пре
    • AI will transform information security, but it won’t happen overnight
      Although it dates as far back as the 1950s, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest thing in technology today.An overarching term used to describe a set of technologies such as text-to-speech, natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision, AI essentially enables computers to do things normally done by people.Machine learning, the most prominent s
    • Carls Jr.s New Ad Strategy Is Ditching The Boobs To Concentrate On The Food
      Its almost become synonymous with the brand. Remember the Paris Hilton ad from 2005? Or Kate Upton? How about Sara Underwood and Emily Ratajkowski? Hannah Ferguson? You get the idea. When you think of Carls Jr. advertising over the past decade,
    • Forum Post: bound checker issue Allocation Conflict: Attempting to call global_operator_delete_array on [address here] pointer was allocated by global_operator_new.
      I am getting below conflict error while running with VS 2008. why am i getting this error . There is no issue with the code. Am i missing something important here? The below link looks like mentions similar issue. but i m not able to download the exe mentioned in the thread.
    • Цифровая трансформация бизнеса в России и мире
      Результаты аналитических исследований показали, что в ближайшие два года цифровые преобразования станут основной задачей бизнеса. В России и мире …
    • Vivaldi 1.8: новый взгляд на историю
      Вышла очередная версия браузера Vivaldi. Программа интересна прежде всего тем, что её создатели решили …
    • Almost 40 percent of industrial computers face cyber attacks
      In the second half of 2016 Kaspersky Lab products around the world blocked attempted attacks on 39.2 percent of protected computers that it classifies as being part of industrial enterprise technology infrastructure. The study from the Kaspersky Lab Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS CERT) also reveals that the top three sources of infection were the internet, removable storage devices, and malicious e-mail attachments and scripts embedded in the body of e-mails. The d
    • Новое оборудование и программное обеспечение SafeQ 6 компании YSoft от Xerox доступно для заказа в OCS
      Xerox запускает на рынок новое оборудование и новую, шестую версию программного обеспечения SafeQ от YSoft, которое уже доступно для заказа в OCS.
    • Microsoft releases KB 3191855 to fix botched Excel 2010 security patch
      I havent yet seen any reports about the efficacy of the patch, but Microsoft has released KB 3191855, a patch thats designed to fix the bug in this months KB 3178690 security patch. You may recall that the March 14 security patch
    • Facebook Introduces Snapchat-Like Stories and New Camera Effects
      Snapchat’s Stories has been a widely popular feature on the social network, which is why Instagram and even Facebook’s Messenger provided their users with similar offerings. Now, Facebook announced that it’s bringing a Stories feature to its users, among other things. Facebook Stories will be displayed at the top of the News Feed and will consist of videos and pictures shared by friends. Stories will be shown for 24 hours, but won’t appear on the Timeline or in the News Feed, unless us
    • Landata и Eaton: итоги сотрудничества в 2016 году
      Компания Landata подвела итоги сотрудничества с компанией Eaton в 2016 году.По итогам 2016 года стоить отметить, что Eaton по-прежнему устойчиво …
    • Скоро на складе OCS: новый Wi-Fi USB-адаптер высокого усиления Archer T9UH от TP-Link
      Двухдиапазонный Wi-Fi USB-адаптер высокого усиления Archer T9UH обеспечивает преимущества качественного Wi-Fi стандарта AC и создает широкое и …
    • New CloudLinux 7 Beta Kernel Fixes MegaRAID Driver Panic, Patches Security Flaws
      Today, March 28, 2017, CloudLinuxs Mykola Naugolnyi announced the immediate availability of a new Beta kernel versions for users of the CloudLinux 7 operating system.Its been a while since CloudLinux 7 users using the Beta channel received an updated kernel, and todays 3.10.0-427.36.1.lve1.4.42 build addresses quite a bunch of issues and security flaws discovered lately. For example, is attempts to fix a deadlock with the HCP server backup manager developed by R1Soft.Additionally, it fixes a
    • Американским провайдерам разрешили торговать данными пользователей
      Конгресс США проголосовал за отмену правил, которые предписывали интернет-провайдерам спрашивать у пользователя, согласен ли он делиться историей своих посещение с рекламщиками и маркетологами. Правила были введены Бараком Обамой на исходе его срока. Голоса «за» и «пр
    • Bank Of America: Compared To Wells Fargo And JPMorgan Chase
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    • Chinese Internet Giant Tencent Spends $1.8B, Buys 5% Tesla Stake
      Tencent Holdings, one of the largest tech companies in China, announced the purchase of a 5% stake in Tesla, for which it paid $1.78 billion. The information was featured in a document filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and comes just days after Tesla announced it was looking into raising more funds to scale its business and to bring to the market its new car, the Model 3. Tesla said, at the time, that it expected to secure over $1 billion by selling common stock an
    • Kubernetes 1.6 scales to 5,000 nodes
      Kubernetes 1.6, the latest version of Googles open source container orchestration platform, was released on Tuesday, featuring support for 5,000-node clusters. The 5,000-node cluster capability also will be added shortly to
    • Business analysts: Go no-code with Microsoft PowerApps
      Thereve been citizen developers as long as thereve been computers. Back at the start of my career, I wrote a filter modelling tool in QuickBasic after filing up sheets of paper with the math I needed for only one project. If Id been doing that a few years later, itd have been an Excel spreadsheet. If today, well, Id have a huge choice of tools.Microsofts long been aware of the demand for programming tools for power users. You only have to look at how p
    • Сегодня сетевой Клубный день!
      Март заканчивается и пора посмотреть за полцены  все, что не посмотрели в этом месяце. Ограничения касаются только кинотеатра на Новокузнецкой, в котором фильмы первой недели проката - Босс-молокосос,“Живое”,“Манчестер у моря” в акции не участвуют. 
    • HTC, LG, TCL и Coolpad борются за заказы на производство Pixel 3
      Как сообщает издание Commercial Times, тайваньская компания HTC конкурирует с корейской LG Electronics, а также китайскими TCL и Coolpad за контракты на производство эталонных флагманских Android-смартфонов Pixel следующего поколения, которые Google выпустит на рынок в 2018 году. Согласно отчёту, HTC
    • Review: Windows 10 Creators Update is worth waiting for
      Windows 10 Creators Update is coming for you, and it will get you sooner or later. The question is whether to embrace Creators Update immediately or to wait a few months until the bugs get worked out—because, as we learned with Anniversary Update, there will be bugs.Many who rushed to
    • Execs know best? Not at these companies
      Never mind the IT department’s expertise and recommendations. Never mind warnings of glaring inefficiencies that impact the bottom line. Never mind realistic project expectations. If the head honchos don’t want to hear of challenges, then improvements obviously won’t happen.As many—if not most—tech pros can tell you, head honchos can
    • Its just one feature. How long could it take?
      Programmer pilot fish gets a deskside visit from one of his companys big bosses -- and he has a very specific question."It was a small software company, where everyone knew everyone else, so this wasnt really a big deal," fish says. "At least it wasnt until he asked, Can our Utility Billing software handle billing for boat slips?"Im not sure, fish replies. Utility Billing can handle metered services like water and gas, or fixed charges like tras
    • After 18 Years, Explosions In The Sky Just Accomplished A Rare Feat: A Music Video
      Somehow over the course of their 18 years as a band, Explosions in the Sky has skated clean past the standard practice of regularly releasing music videos.To be fair, the band has dabbled here and there with giving some of their tracks visual treatments. However, its become a rare sighting of Sasquatch proportions for there to be a traditional music video in even the broadest sense of the termpart of the reason being that all of their music is instrumental.&#x2