Borland Delphi 6 Patch Issue

Dear Valued Delphi Customer -

We are contacting you because our records indicate that you recently downloaded the Delphi 6 update patch. An isolated issue with regard to the use of variants was discovered after the update was posted for download. The download has been removed from the Borland Web site.

Although you may not experience errors due to this variant issue, we recommend that you not install the patch or that you revert to the original Delphi 6 CD installation if you have already installed the patch. If you choose to continue working with this patch you may experience "EVariantError Exception" errors. Do not re-distribute the RTL60.BPL file that was patched with this update.

We are working quickly to resolve the problem and will notify you when the new Delphi 6 update patch is available.

Thank you for your patience,
The Delphi Product Team

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